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What, Exactly, Is National Socialism, and Where Do the Democrats Fall on Its Spectrum?

15 June 2020 - #MAGA What, exactly, is National Socialism, and Where do the Democrats Fall on its Spectrum? Here's my brand new, 2020 reading strategy. I buy a book on Kindle, read some or all of it, and if I need it for my library, I buy the hard copy also. Luxurious, yes?

2) As you can see in the image above, The Ominous Parallels is a very important book to me. I first read Ayn Rand back in the 1990s, and that was actually the beginning of the end of my Socialism - it had become tacit by that point, anyway - and my connection to Democrats.

3) As I've explained many times, it was Bill Clinton who stopped me from being a Democrat. I really knew nothing of his policies, as I was simply not paying attention. The scandal that led to his impeachment appalled me. I ended up supporting Bush 43.

4) But I had NO IDEA back then that there was a connection between the Democrat Party and National Socialism. Really, I never made that connection until just now, having finished Peikoff's book on Kindle, and just gotten the hard copy over the weekend.

5) In a moment, I'll transcribe a few paragraphs and their source for you. Before we follow out these opening paragraphs, we must discuss the nature of the Democrat Party today. We have to break into three great parts.

6) Let's list the 3 parts from largest number to smallest: 1) Patriotic Americans who are Center-left on down to Far-left. 2) The Surface Level Leadership 3) The Evil, Vile Influencers and Hidden Power Brokers I hope it's obvious that I love and respect the first group.

7) As to the Surface Level Leadership, they're hardly worth commenting about. Be they mere dupes, useful idiots, or just as evil as the true Power Brokers makes little difference. They have hijacked a Great America Political Party, and are to be despised. I dismiss them.

8) As to the true Power Brokers, from Soros to Gates and all their fellows, I have no intention to out them, or identify them with precise proofs. Rather, I intend to out the evil, vile nature of their purpose. I'm far from alone. Their presence is known.

9) We need no conspiracy theories on this point, and need not pursue the Illuminati, or any other barely factual entity. We know that the most powerful people on earth enjoy their anonymity and that we'll never really out them, as individuals. Won't happen.

10) But their presence can be felt, observed. Nancy simply does NOT have the ability to orchestrate, to choreograph such a moment as you see here documented. There are evil powers far greater than she crafting such a moment.

11) There is a great trick the Surface Leaders (SL) and Evil Powers (EP) behind the Democrat Party are playing on the vast majority of Patriotic members of their party. The SL & EP use our Constitution and our history as cover to create, to lead to National Socialism in America.

12) I have carefully NOT used the word Nazism so far. Perhaps I'm being a bit cowardly. Have you heard of Godwin's Law? "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches."

13) For the longest time, I agreed. Really, dating to 2016 when I came out for Trump and was instantly labeled a Nazi as a result. Now, after reading Peikoff, I see a different layer underlying. Prohibiting any comparison to Hitler makes the next Hitler more likely to arise.

14) Before we let go of that part of our story, I have two other players to add, looking back on the times. There was the Vatican. And, there were Swiss banks. Think about it. The Third Reich, Swiss banks, the Vatican...and who else? How many Nazis immigrated to America?

15) Please, do NOT think I'm letting the Republican Party off. I assure you, I am not. Eisenhower, Nixon, Bush 41 & 43. I suspect them each of Surface Level Leadership as well, with Evil Powers strongly in the background. I'm no mere party stooge, I promise you.

16) Time to turn to Peikoff's opening quotation: "Here is the theory: "It is thus necessary that the individual should finally come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is...

17) "...conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole . . . that above all the unity of a nation's spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual. . . ."

18) "This state of mind, which subordinates the interests of the ego to the conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every truly human culture. . . .The basic attitude from which such activity arises, we call--to distinguish it from egoism and selfishness...

19) "...idealism. By this we understand only the individual's capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow men." Hitler at Buckeburg, 7 October 1933.

20) Peikoff now explains further... "These statements were made in our century by the leader of a major Western nation. His countrymen regarded his viewpoint as uncontroversial. His political program implemented it faithfully."

21) And last for now, Peikoff says... "The statements were made by Adolf Hitler. He was explaining the moral philosophy of Nazism."

22) I am stunned. I really am. Yeah, I read this before. Now, I'm reading it again, and also transcribing. And the term, "the moral philosophy of Nazism." is, again stunning. I never am, but if I could be, I'd be speechless.

23) You just have to go slow. Nazism was a moral philosophy. Contemplate that with me. If I could have had the thought - I couldn't have had it, as my mind couldn't have gone there - I'd have called it an obviously, blatantly IMMORAL...philosophy, if even that.

24) But no! Nazism as philosophy? I would NEVER have used that term for it. My mind would just stop at pure evil and go no further. Yet Peikoff could not be more right. It was a philosophy and it chose the right name. National Socialism. That is the right name of this philosophy.

25) Turn quick with me now to Seattle. I confess, I am NOT good at internet research. I was simply unable to find a complete, numbered list of the demands. Here's an article I did find...

26) A cursory skim of that article indicates, and please, say it with me now... NATIONAL SOCIALISM This, my friends, is their great weakness. It is also their great threat. To understand the threat, let's get back to Peikoff's guidance.

27) If Peikoff has a single most seminal point in all his work, it is this. Ideas drive action. The trick of the evil ones is to force us to focus on action alone, as if it embodied no ideas. Yet without ideas, action is meaningless. All action is driven by ideas.

28) He goes further. There is a science of ideas, and its name is philosophy. See an action? Analyze out the philosophy that drove that action. Nazism is, to be sure, a set of the most evil actions in human history. But before it was a set of actions, it was a philosophy.

29) Don't believe me, just read. Buy Peikoff's book and read it. His case is driving. And it is tough. Let me speak to that. I have studied most of the authors he references for all my adult life. And I have never understood them his way before. I kind of hate him for that.

30) As an example, two of his greatest philosophical villains, Kant and Freud, are two of my greatest heroes and intellectual influences. I studied them both for not merely years, but decades. Yet, damn him, Peikoff is pulling them both down from my spiritual pedestals.

31) I may make defenses for Freud and Kant in the future. I love both of them. They are fathers to me. Yet, I am NOT able to refute Peikoff's refutation of them. And yes, damnit, this matters right now, 2020, in the #WarForAmerica2020. Who knew? War is driven by philosophy?

32) What Peikoff has won from me, begrudgingly, are two things. One, Nazism is a philosophy. Two, America is barrelling towards it. It is NOT the vast majority of patriotic Democrats who are the factors. They are the victims, not the causes of this evil in America.

33) But if we fail to listen to Peikoff's message - hey wait - Ominous Parallels, when was it published? When? 1982, friends, 1982. Peikoff, a professional and a PhD philosopher, saw everything we're suffering in 2020, all the way back in 1982. Imagine that. Seriously.

34) My hero, analytic customer (to use the intelligence community's terminology), and friend, @GenFlynn has given his life over to the will of God, and especially, His will for America. This too is a philosophy. Sure, a religion, but also a philosophy.

35) There's no point in being coy. Peikoff, and his mentor Ayn Rand are very aggressive atheists. I'm not. I'm a passive atheist, and more of a mystic, and maybe - forgive me - more of a patriotic deist/agnostic than anything else. Alas, Peikoff goes there. Metaphysics.

36) We'll work on that more many times in the future. Allow me to just coach you here. What do you believe in? You must work it out. If you're a Democrat who believes in Jesus, and imagines he'd be a Socialist, there may well be solid arguments to the contrary.

37) As a fellow atheist my greatest critique against both Peikoff and Rand would be their aggressive atheism. I have an amazing friend who finally cleared up the entire issue for me. @shestokas explains that in the Declaration there are both the Laws of Nature, and Nature's God.

38) The Law of Nature's God are divine. Any member of any religion, or any religion's God or Gods, may find their way to God's will in studying the Laws of His (or Her) nature. Those of us who do not seek a god, can merely study nature.

39) Letting go of all that for now, religion must incorporate a philosophy. Non-religion must express its own philosophy as well. Political parties have entered into the domain of religion. Political parties must not only know, but state their philosophies.

40) If Peikoff has nothing else to give us - he has much more - then it must be that philosophy is real. His teacher, Rand, always states that: Existence Exits. She has her reasons for doing so. I call it the Peikoff Principle that: Philosophy Enacts. Inside action is philosophy.

41) Peikoff has a stunning attack against all of us. He's far to polite to state it so. His attack, though, as I read it, is this. We don't know our own philosophies. We act. We fail to see the philosophies that we enact. And, when it comes to politics, who can disagree?

42) With all the love and respect I am able to offer, who among today's Democrats, of any level, can disagree that National Socialism, as expressed the quote above, is now dictating the direction of their party? I have WONDERFUL Democrat friends, I do.

43) And no, I will not call them out by name. Most, I will not share these thoughts with. I just offer them my true love and respect. I know they are good souls, and true patriots. Yet, if any - my friend or not - wish to speak to these issues, I have a question...

44) How do you refute the quote above, from Peikoff's work? How do you differentiate the Democrat Party today, as led by its leaders, from the National Socialist Party of Germany? How do you refute the Ominous Parallels? Do you have the courage to read Peikoff's work?

45) As you see, I am Peikoff's student. Whomever you may be, I urge you to join me. And, if any of his historical/philosophical argument loses you, I am ready to answer your questions. None of this is that difficult, once you accept that action is driven by philosophy.

Thread ends at #45.

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