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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Why Do We Get So Much Wrong, Or Raging Bull Unleashed

1 October 2020 #MAGAnalysis Why Do We Get So Much Wrong, Or Raging Bull Unleashed Yesterday's work got a strong response, really strong. I am both proud of that, and humbled, grateful. Thank you. Today, we must continue. Our theme is not yet done.

2) Who remembers Jake LaMotta? Who remembers De Niro when he was still an actor? What an incredible movie. If you haven't watched it, you're just not quite fully read to understand President Trump. Trump is America's LaMotta. He is our Presidential Raging Bull.

3) Here's a small part of how twisted every damned analysis you see on TV, and absolutely to include FOX, is. They blame Trump. Why does noone criticize Biden? Why not call him out for how terrible his tactics were, how rude, disrespectful, irrelevant, evasive? He bombed.

4) When you're fighting for something you actually care about, you actually believe in, you do NOT get to choose your enemy, your enemies. They come to you. You meet them where they are. There are no Robert's Rules or Marquess of Queensbury stipulations. It's fist fight.

5) I have to tell you. As today wore on - and by "today" I mean yesterday - I got angrier and angrier. Why is no one simply saying, Trump's our hero, he's our champion, he took the fight to the enemy and he kicked his righteous ass all over the block? Why doesn't anyone say that?

6) Why does no one speak of Trump's nobility? His readiness to take the heat and keep on coming. He's, yeah, you get it, a fighter. He is a raging bull. Trump spars for America. And, I'm telling you, listen now... HE DID NOT LOSE.

7) Oh sweetness. Oh gentility. Oh kindness of almost argumentative discourse. Yeah. Right. That's NOT Trump, and oh my, oh my, thank the stars in the heavens above, what a breath of fresh air. Wow. What the hell are we talking about? Rules of discourse? No, no, no, and no.

8) Where everyone else is taking Trump apart, I'm telling you we must thank Trump. He's there for us. He doesn't give a flying hyena's rump about ridiculous rules of engagement, or propriety of elegant discourse. He fights for America, for us, for U.S.

9) As the hours fly past, and I hear more and more of these sanctimonious do gooders who take no risks whatsoever, the prouder and more grateful I grow. Yeah. I'm that guy. I say thank you, when everyone else says...can you hear the F-bomb there that I did not write?

10) Consider our military. The principle we've lived by since the end of WWII has been the ability to fight a two-front war. Over the Atlantic. Over the Pacific. That, my friends, is what you saw Trump do. He fought Chris Wallace. He fought Joe Biden. And he killed them both.

11) As Joe would say, come on! Are you kidding? He's going to fight both moderator and opponent at once and make it look pretty? Give me a break. It isn't pretty. This is an hellaciously ugly moment for America. This is the fight we must fight. It's not nice. Get over it.

12) I can go pretty for you. If I'd been advising Trump with PERFECT foresight - which I could not have had! - here's the pretty route. Let Biden speak. Do NOT interrupt. Let him hang himself. Then, bring it home for everyone softly. Be soft when you kill, not hard or hot.

13) But, come on, man, Trump is a raging bull. The China shop (what a wonderful pun!) is not going to look nice after the bull charges through. You can't expect a bull in a China shop to respect porcelain plate. Bulls don't drink from sophisticated tea cups.

14) I have an attack to express to Trump. Mr. President, allow me, please, when will you STOP trusting Chris Christy? He betrays you every time. You allowed him - and I can't imagine why you did - the honor of prepping you. And what's he do then, after? Criticize you.

15) Yeah, I'm hot. I'm a raging bull, too. I despise Chris Christy and I do not know how that traitor always finds his way back in. He is no friend to America. He is no friend to Trump. And he is no genius, either. It's time to get over Christy. Enough on that. Alas.

16) I'll try to calm down, a bit. Were I to call it an error - I don't - Trump's weakness in the debate was his failure to allow Biden to hang himself. It is NOT a raging bull proclivity to NOT interrupt. I don't judge Trump for this. I'm just, well, a bit of an idealist.

17) In our Sicilian tradition, we say revenge is a dish best served cold. Ideally - and his advisors did NOT prepare him for this - Trump would listen quietly to Biden while Biden destroys himself, and does not interrupt. He waits, watches, and then gently springs, purring.

18) That's a level of coolness that we must NOT rightly expect of Trump. He's not a cool cat. He is a raging bull. And what's more, he's likely right. Why be so damned cool? Why be so poised and polite? Fie on that. We're at war, and Trump will drop the atom bomb to win.

19) Did I mention how much I despise Chris Christy? He had the honor to prep. And then, what's he do? Enjoys the spiteful pleasure of critiquing the performance. What scum he is. You're the coach. Your performer's performance is on you. If Trump failed, you failed. Own it.

20) So please, Trump team, let's reject unfaithful Chris. Yes? It's time. Let's move on.

21) There is a "real message" here, and this it what it is. Grow up, America. Face the fight we face. Get real. This is no time for white gloves and dust inspections. This is the time we must fight to win our nation back from those, within, who are hell bent on destroying us.

22) Obama and Clinton2 are both traitors, yes, as in treason. They betrayed America and deserve death at dawn, by firing squad. Biden is #3. He is a traitor. The real thing. He led a coup. He betrayed his oath, his honor - which he never had anyway. Decrepit, he deserves despite.

23) Why must we hold back when stating the truth? Why do we care more about being polite than being honorable? I'm here to tell you, every single moment of Trump's debate was honorable, and shame on us for not thanking him for it. Shame.

24) Here's another point you won't hear anywhere else. Truth. Trump spoke truth. Biden lied. Chris Wallace had to do every last thing in his power to protect Biden against Trump's truths, in the face of Biden's lies. Where's the recognition of that? Why don't we honor truth?

25) Solutions, you ask? Ready, I respond? No moderator. No rules. Two men. One stage. Let them have at it. Who cares about political nicety or correctness? Cut loose. Let's go. Yeah, that's the change I'd make. No microphone controls. No niceness rules. Fie, fie, and fie again.

26) I say, let Trump and Biden decide their own questions with which to challenge their opponent. I say, let them listen and hear, or interrupt and cut down, at will, at pleasure, in the joy of the combat. Debate is war. Let it be war. We're fighting for America's future.

27) Let's turn back to yesterday's analysis. Trump had two, self-chosen strategic missions. The first was to drive the wedge separating Biden's Left from Biden's Middle. That mission was accomplished to perfection. Meditate on that.

28) Remember our discussion of Text vs Subtext? We may state that, also, as Intellect vs Emotion. Trump suckers everyone into responding intellectually, when the real battle is fought beneath the surface, emotionally. Biden's Left and his Middle...detest each other.

29) It's already true that there is simply NO CHANCE that Biden's Left and Middle can be united. There is no chance. That means that the electoral count is already a signed deal. It's over. Please, note that. Trump already knows that he's won the electoral count.

30) And he also knows that Biden's handlers know the same damned thing. Biden is merely their placeholder, when they had no one else to fill the bill. He's a worse candidate than Clinton2, and I NEVER imagined I'd say that. He is. He's just a placeholder, period.

31) Which brings us back to vote fraud. Why, I ask, are none of these brilliant talking heads on TV discussing that? Knowing they've already lost, the Democratic Leadership has set up the greatest destruction of vote integrity in American history. That is a strategy.

32) Say you disagree with me. Okay. Then I request this, just pretend I might be right. If vote fraud to derail the election, and distance the decision was a strategy, what should Trump do about that? Should he just be okay with it? Come on, man, obviously not!

33) Let's drop down a level. What's really going on, deep beneath the surface? Trump is as noxious to the "right" as to the "left." He's no regular Republican. He is actually a true patriot, not caring about party, but rather, caring about country. America First.

34) It is Trump's true loyalty to nation that so discombobulates all the DC players who line up so happily against him. If you need to, watch the debate again. You'll see a warrior standing there and ceaselessly fighting for the nation he loves. That's what you'll see.

35) Sure, any of us can quarterback the day after and sanctimoniously tell Trump what he did wrong. That's easy. Far harder to step into his shoes and feel the fight he fights. Want to help him? Just feel his fight. He's Jake LaMotta. He rages, and the China Shop owners fear.

Thread ends at #35.

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