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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

They Coerced A Guilty Plea

1) This is a positively excruciating read. It's beyond horrible, and yet I profoundly thank both @SidneyPowell1 who posted it, and its author as well. It is necessary reading to understand how they coerced a guilty plea out of @GenFlynn, falsely.

2) This is NOT a long form thread. I may yet do one where I will carefully follow our author's thinking, point by point, and comment. Or, I may not. We'll see. I still have a #FriendsAndEnemies final part 4 to create. We'll see.

3) But in this tiny, short form thread, I have to offer just this one singular point. If you wish to compromise the demise of our Constitutional Republic, the facts and factors presented in the article above are not the sole source, but are absolutely major contributors.

4) Be ready to be depressed. We are fighting a rearguard action, after the other side has already wiped out the majority of Republic's fundamental infrastructure. I admit, I've never understood the word AGAIN, in MAGA, when reading that article.

5) That's it. That's my point. Understanding how they coerced a false guilty plea upon our hero, unearths the entire dirty, grim, evil reality of a justice system that may as well state: There Shall Be No Justice Done Here

6) I wanted to end the thread at #5, but can't. I'm just not a pessimist, and I can't leave a problem alone, not offering, if not a solution, at least the possibility of one. That the following 7th, and final post can even be possible is the glimmer of such hope, beginning.

7) Either or both will do. But, if there is to be freedom in America, let alone to have it ring, then one of both of these things must Either/Or Both: #DropFlynnsCaseNow And/Or: #PardonFlynnNow By a: #PardonOfInnocence Due to: #EgregiousGovernmentMisconduct Thread ends at #7. Post Script. I'm about to unpin the thread here. It is one of my most strongly responded to threads on the @GenFlynn case. So, in case you missed it...

Post, Post Script - you know, PPS Upon posting the thread above, people started blowing up my phone over this image. I'll speculate below...

PPS 2) I have to guess that @SidneyPowell1 sent them so much traffic over this article that the powers the be of there at the Review decided to slap up a money gate. I don't know, but well, it's not a bad guess. So, what to do?

PPS 3) It might not be about money, though. It might be that this article will soon be scrubbed from its online existence. I've seen it happen many times before.

PPS 4) So, if anyone else knows anything about jailbreaking such articles, and making sure they remain in tact, I could of course NOT recommend they do so. Someone else might, but most certainly not me.

PPS 5) Then, hopefully ACTUALLY last for now, my phone's also getting blown up with questions such as "he knows where the bodies are and that's the real reason behind all this." Andrew McCarthy's incredible answer is best I've seen on topic so far:

PPS section ends at #5. If all y'll pull be back in again, I may have to torture with with...say it won't be so... Post, Post, Postscript, or the evil PPPS. Do NOT make me do it. Please?

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