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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

The Sentinel Database

1) My closest #PardonFlynnNow friends and compatriots all know that I have often been tempted, ever since the phenomenal @SidneyPowell1 took over the case, to cease my incessant petitioning of @POTUS. I have often reached out to request counsel and advice.

2) If you're following the @GenFlynn case at all, you have to have observed what an historic job Sidney is doing. She's up against the very powerbase of the swamp itself, and she's accepting no surrender to their evil power. It really isn't possible to honor her enough.

On the off chance you might not have caught up to the latest of @SidneyPowell1's extraordinary moves, here's a story all my friends keep sending me. It's a great read, even if you do already know what's going on:

4) Let's follow out a single element, the 'Sentinel' database. All the interviews, and all the edits to those interviews, that the FBI completes are there. Wow. Our hero Sidney knows that the crimes against Flynn, and against America, are recorded there.

5) Now, let's discuss chain of command. I'd have to guess that Director Wray might have a say-so in complying with Sidney's demand for evidence from that database. Right? But, what about the prosecution. They used to be under the Special Counsel, now disbanded.

6) So, I'm guessing that the prosecution would have to fall under AG Barr's purview as head of DOJ, right? Maybe not. If any of you out there can clear up these details, I'd be of course deeply grateful.

7) Let's assume I'm not too far off. We then would have Wary at FBI and Barr at DOJ to whom we might turn in order to hasten the delivery of Sidney's demanded Brady Materiel. I can assume everyone now knows that Brady = exculpatory evidence which must be produced, yes?

8) And that brings us to a Constitutional question, or, shall I say, a post-Constitutional question. Neither the DOJ nor the FBI are laid out in our Constitution. They're just part of the Executive Branch, under the command of @POTUS, as far as I understand. History is complex.

9) Again now, let's assume I'm right, both Barr and Wray take their orders from @POTUS. As in, marching orders. As in, the same way the military takes its command from our Commander in Chief. The president directs the execution and prosecution of the laws, right?

10) So, here our plot thickens. And I do believe this point has NOT been made strongly or often enough. An outgoing president whom we truly do know was a traitor to this nation, prosecuted a coup against the incoming president. And it is still Obama's policy prosecuting Flynn.

11) We hear plenty about the Deep State prosecuting this coup, and that's a good thing. What we do NOT hear, at least not clearly stated to my recollection, is that was the previous president betraying his Constitutional oath, and our history of peaceful transfer of power.

12) That we Americans have not faced this truth is understandable, we were lulled to sleep. We believed in our presidents, and believed that our Constitution protected us against any possible dictatorship. The problem is revealed, however, in the case against Flynn.

13) The current Impeachment Scam can easily be understood by the psychological term "projection." The criminality of the Obama Administration is being projected onto Trump, falsely. Part of the cover up is the Flynn case. Which brings us back to chain of command.

14) These two institutions, the FBI and the DOJ are still under sway of Obama's policies. There can be no question about that. The question is, are Wray and Barr doing their best to right the ship? I'm honestly not in a position to judge that, directly. 15) But I don't need to be. If the Brady evidence is delivered to the court, then Wray and Barr will be fine by me for the moment. But, what if the Government withholds the Brady evidence? What then? Under which chain of command is this decision made?

16) It's helpful to reduce complexity to simplicity where we can. Is the DOJ operating under Trump's command, or Obama's? Is the FBI operating under Trump's command, or Obama's? The peaceful transfer of power demands it be Trump's. Or, is the coup still underway?

17) Let it be remembered that the term "weaponization" has a face. It is @GenFlynn's face. He was the victim of the weaponized FBI and DOJ. Myself, I'm still extremely skeptical of the court and his judge, but we'll see about that. The evidence though, the Brady Material.

18) If the FBI and DOJ fail to produce it, then, obviously, Obama will smile. Obama hates Gen Flynn. His destruction must be complete. Which brings us back to the question of Trump's role. Does he have the ability to ensure that the evidence is rightly delivered?

19) If not, then a Presidential Order should be written giving it to him. All exculpatory evidence should rise, in nature, to the level of Presidential action. No matter how lowly the case, the President should consider it his burden to ensure true justice for every American.

20) As passionately as I care about justice for Gen Flynn, this rises above that. Injustice against Gen Flynn was not merely a vendetta by the outgoing president, it was a strategic move, critical to his coup against the incoming.

21) In this, we may see the principle that injustice to any American, of any stature high or low, is injustice against all of America. It is just that we have, in all our history, never had a case so clearly demonstrative of that principle before. Obama's coup resides here.

22) This is why I, even now, cannot quite yet surrender my case for pardon. I'll say again, a pardon of innocence by means of egregious government misconduct. The next step would be to elevate Sidney to the newly created position of Brady Czar. Let's talk about that.

23) Let's wipe out some fallacies. A pardon would NOT disempower General Flynn from recompense or suit. The president could easily include such certainties in his order. The pardon would NOT allow the egregious misconduct to go unpunished. Not a chance.

24) The precise opposite is the truth. If, by Presidential Order, the new position of Brady Czar was created, Sidney would have far-reaching powers beyond anything she can do now, to correct the destruction of justice in America. Her first case would be Flynn's.

25) Ah, but politics. Here's Trump facing incoming on all sides. How could it be politically feasible? A point I've made countless times is the question of the advisers. We've seen again and again how Trump's WH advisers are often the worst enemies he has.

26) It's a sad thing. Patriotism is a big motivator. But it is secondary, for the most part, to self-interest. Our founders knew this and accounted for it in every aspect of our Constitutional structure. They never asked humans to be angels. Never.

27) Well that's my point about this pardon. No, the self-interested advisory group will almost certainly never support Flynn's pardon. I've always known that. But they're not bad people, most them aren't anyway, and if Trump made his will perfectly clear, they'd line up.

28) Last point for today. We Americans today, UNLIKE our founders, tend to be minutely tactical. We focus almost solely on the day's news cycle with virtually no view to the grand sweep of history. Gen Flynn's case is historic in every possible way. It takes a big mind.

29) Also, the power of pardon is both HUGE and it has been corrupted by corrupt presidents using its power for corrupt purposes. So, as you know, I say it's time to get it right. If Trump can ensure the Brady Material, then maybe the pardon won't be needed. But...

30) If Obama's ongoing coup cannot be thwarted from above by executive means, then, it is more than time. Today would be an amazing day for @realDonaldTrump to #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence due to #EgregiousGovernmentMisconduct

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