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The Politics

3 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis The Politics In my analysis below, I walk through both my strong agreement and my very specific disagreement with Mark Wauck's wonderful posting. You'll read it, and my work below, for context. Here, we turn to politics.

2) I am perpetually told that Trump will pardon Flynn after November 3, and likely - in case he loses - on his last day in office. And why? Because, I am told, that's just good politics. You won't be surprised that I 100% disagree. Not about the prediction, about the politics.

3) As to the prediction, I honestly don't feel qualified to agree or disagree. I am not included in the deliberations, and cannot say what Trump World thinks about them. But as to politics, there I'm on strong ground. And those who see pardoning Flynn as a risk, are just wrong.

4) Go slowly with me here. In all my extensive #SunTzuForMAGA work, there are 5 elements that we return to again and again. They are: 1) The Way 2) Heaven 3) Earth 4) Command 5) Discipline Let's look at #s 1 & 4.

5) In the John Minford translation: "The Way causes men to be of one mind with their rulers, to live or die with them, and never to waiver." Please read that simple sentence repeatedly. Imagine it. Let your mind wander over history with it in mind.

6) The world approaches politics as if lies and deceit, manipulation and propaganda are all there is. But I put forward to you that our very own beloved, sacred Declaration of Independence stands testimony to the power of truth and integrity, respect and compassion for all.

7) I'll come back to the tactical moment, shortly. But let's first listen to Master Sun on Command: "Command is wisdom, integrity, compassion, courage, severity." What a phenomenal list. It has both compassion and severity in just one statement. Imagine that.

8) Yes, General Flynn deserves compassion. And all who so blithely say his suffering is for the cause of outing the evil doers fail to feel his suffering, or offer compassion, or demand justice. One day of his suffering is in no way worth any outing of evil doers.

9) We already know who the evil doers are. They have already been outed. And it is to them that @realDonaldTrump's fierce severity must be directed. That is what Command must do. It must face evil doers with unhesitating severity.

10) Do the calculus with me. What does President Trump lose by pardoning Flynn? Nothing. Every detractor who responds negatively to the pardon will be a detractor without the pardon. Trump's enemies are just that, enemies. They won't stop due to NOT pardoning Flynn.

11) What all the cheap, old, tired and worn out advice counsels, cautiously and without depth of seriousness, is just platitudes. This old school of counsel NEVER considers the power of doing the right thing. In their fancy Georgetown mansions, they're safe, no matter what.

12) Trump rallies. Not the noun, the verb. To rally is an act. And no one does it better than Trump. No one ever has. Flynn rallies. In 2016, no one opened up a Trump rally (the noun) better than Flynn. In 2016, Flynn's ability to rally was established on a national basis.

13) Imagine that. Two of the greatest political voices in the history of America, reunited after years of persecution. Imagine Flynn rallying again. Mark Wauck has made the case as to why the legal protections the Swamp enjoys are at risk should Flynn be on the field of fight.

14) I make the case that law is the lesser field of fight. If we've learned nothing else these past years, we've learned that law is the handmaiden of legislation and adjudication. We've learned how corrupt the legislature and judiciary are. In all this we often despair.

15) But I say that The Way and Command can change this, and that Trump and Flynn are, politically, an unstoppable team. I say that we need their voices, together, in unison, so that we all may have the voice of freedom in America. A pardon of innocence accomplishes all this.

16) A technical point is needed. If given before sentencing occurs, a pardon wipes out all criminal charges, 100%. Trump established this with Sheriff Arpaio. Stone's pardon does NOT wipe out his felony, it just relieves him from its burden, as it came post sentencing.

17) When a pardon is executed pre-sentencing, it clears the slate, in terms of law, making the pardoned as innocent as a new born baby. Every natural right is returned to the pardoned. He may testify in court. He may sue those who stole his rights. He is 100% restored. 100%.

18) Let's get back to raw politics. Political warfare is a battle of the soul, the souls of the contenders, the souls of their supporters. It is a fight for the soul of the nation. And all warfare is based on the laws of energy. The side with the greater energy wins. Period.

19) General Flynn is our nation's hero. That those who do not love our nation oppose him is to be easily understood. Those who support him, those millions of patriotic souls who support him, linger in a no man's land of shocked horror over his continuing persecution.

20) General Flynn's suffering is our suffering. How can we believe in our leader's ability to follow The Way, while he has the power to return our hero to us, but opts not to do so? We still support our leader, but the joy is weakened. We suffer General Flynn's pain.

21) General Flynn is that man who represents us all in our suffering at the corruption of law. We all face an ever growing state, with corrupt judges at its behest, coming after us should we fail to comply with dictates. We all face this destruction of law, of its protections.

22) It is the great promise of the MAGA Movement that law will be restored, brought back to its sanctity in the days before it was prostituted to the will and benefit of the corrupt. If we leave General Flynn's legal and Constitutional rights broken, who are we as a people?

23) So now, as always, I say that a shocked ray of joy will energize us, the very moment General Flynn's rights at law are returned to him. We will rise up with one voice and shout and sing hallelujah. Hallelujah. Justice still lives in America. We will be...ENERGIZED.

24) That energy is a political force. It is the sort of force that stale old analysis never contemplates. It cannot see it. The blindness of comfort, and weak thinking blinds it to the forces that drive American politics today. MAGA is energy. Trump gives us that energy.

25) The failure of the old guard to foresee Trump's victory in 2016, and their constant denial of that victory from then till now, shows us how truly blind they are. There is no wisdom there. They couldn't even see us, 63,000,000 strong. Victory strong.

26) Trump has no greater avenue to recharge and re-energize us, his followers, than to #PardonFlynnNow, by a #PardonOfInnoncence. This is what the political class has missed. It is never wrong to give justice to he who's justice was stolen. Politically, it should be done today.

27) The tactics are simple. The old school deems Flynn a bad story. They don't care about and cannot see those of us in millions, who know he's the victim of injustice at the highest levels. He's just a bad story to them. They see nothing else. He is invisible to them, as are we.

28) But it is we invisible ones who placed Trump in the White House in 2016, and we invisible ones who will return him there for another 4 years in November. It is our vote he must count, and there is no better way to count it than to #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence.

29) The old school guard cannot imagine our joy, the short of energy enlivening us that has us dancing in the streets when we hear of General Flynn's redemption. Yet, it goes deeper, as I have explained. It goes to the check against the corrupt judiciary so enacted.

30) The judiciary has proven its pure, vile culpability in this criminal enterprise. We see now the rampant, flagrant corruption of law by the courts charged with its protection. They cannot self-correct. They must be checked. We need our President to do so. To do so now.

31) Follow the energy flow again. Grudgingly, after all this time, the courts release Flynn exonerated by their gentle grace. Never mind all he lost. Never mind all America lost. They enjoy the good grace of their final exoneration. Where is the joy in this? Where the change?

32) Nay, I say. They do NOT deserve the right, the standing of exoneration at this point. That point was long, long since passed. They are corrupt in all they have done. They do NOT deserve the honor of apology after all this. Far more serious and severe consequences are needed.

33) Imagine the shock wave running through the entire judiciary of our great President telling them, you are corrupt. I have chosen to pardon General Flynn, not because he was ever guilty, but rather, because he was always 100% innocent and you knew it all along.

34) Imagine the President stating clearly that the courts have sold their souls and are no longer representatives of the law, but of dislaw, of corruption. No, he'd never use those words, I know. And not all judges or courts merit them. But Judge Sullivan? Give me a break.

35) There's another case to be made, and many of my friends have made it to me. There are good, honest judges at every level of the law. There are those who have won justice at court, and would never agree that courts are corrupt. I hear and understand.

36) But you can't say any of that about General Flynn's case. You cannot say that about the Mueller investigation, or the FARA court and its many, many abuses. You cannot say that about the FBI or DOJ or Intelligence Community as they perpetrated their coup against our President.

37) And personally, you can't tell me that I wasn't thrown out of court by a corrupt judge who stole my Constitutional rights while he cursed at me using the foulest language from his high seat and in his black robes of power. I know corruption at court, personally.

38) For moment, forget politics, or even Swamp creature corruption. What is at stake is the Rule of Law in America. The courts cannot restore it. President Trump is the only one who can. And while General Flynn continues to face corrupt legal risk, all law is at question.

39) To be the healer of America's law is not a bad position to be in, politically speaking. The key is this. It must be a pardon of innocence. And, it must be a direct, and directly stated check against the execution of egregious misconduct of prosecution, destruction of justice.

40) The Constitutional principle is Separation of Powers. President Trump has power to redress what the Judiciary has egregiously failed to perform. He can give justice, where no one else can. I say, that's good politics. I say, that's precisely what America needs.

Thread ends at #40.

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