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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Psyop Innovation Part 3

23 June 2020 - #MAGAanalysis Psyop Innovation Part 3 We'll begin with a quick review of what we've covered, and then complete our excursion focusing on the cure. We need this cure to protect ourselves against the psychological ravage they wish to foist upon us.

2) It is perhaps my single most important thesis that there is a "they," and that we can easily define it. They are the radical statist forces at the top of American power, who first aligned with Moscow. Since the fall of the USSR, they moved their loyalty to Beijing.

3) It is easy to see that they have been working to shred the US Constitution, almost from the moment of its ratification in 1789. Robust, it is still there, even in @marklevinshow is right that we are essentially a post-Constitutional nation. Skipping all the history...

4) During the first term of @realDonaldTrump, all pretenses have been dropped. They, or as I also like to refer to them, the Cabal, has unleashed much of its power and no longer seeks to hide itself. Simple theory is, they're freaking out as never before. They're scared.

5) Ever father left-leaning Democrat leadership - NOT the vast majority of patriotic Democrats - together with a corrupted Judiciary, a Deep State of Federal employees, and their loyal puppets in the Main Stream Media, these powers are aligned with China against America.

6) In the bad old days under Obama, that same alignment clearly held with the terrorist actors of an overarchingly political faction of Islam. Obama's blatant alliance with Terrorist Islamic entities closed our eyes to his deep relationship to Beijing.

7) All this matters, even merely at the surface, if we're to attempt to understand the ongoing, ever-expanding psyop, or perhaps suite of psyops we've been suffering since before Trump was elected. For months now, I've been analyzing China's war strategy against us.

8) For the longest time, I named a 4-part strategy, but recently had to expand it to include a 5th element. Here is my current list of attack modes, again: 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Legal 5) Military It is important to view each through the lens of psyop.

9) Focusing for a moment on my new #4, an attack against the legal integrity of America, recent defund, dismantle, and abolish police departments could not be a more blatant move. It was that move that I failed to forecast. Also, destroy public monuments. That's illegal.

10) It's even tempting to add both Education and History to the list, but you can't really call that warfare, per se. If so, you'd have to call it generational warfare. That is a thing, but it's not my focus and it transcends current operations, be they psychological or kinetic.

11) In case you're not familiar with the term, kinetic warfare means bullets and bombs and such. News stories are NOT kinetic warfare, but they ARE, far too often, at the core of psychological warfare. At any rate, tearing down statues comes at the long end of generational war.

12) I'm sure we'll walk our way through that generational war soon enough. When we do, the attack on our education and our history will be at the center. So, for now, I hope, we'll be able to limit our list to just 5 elements.

13) We have also established that up until the Coronavirus, the first 3 years of Trump's term were an era of ever increasingly dedicated psyops, all of which we termed old school propaganda. Basically, the attempt to make lies appear to be true.

14) But Trump's bond of truth with us, his supporters, and our bond of trust with him, ended up changing the lay of the land. Three years of failed attempts, following their failed election cycle in 2016, was enough to teach the Cabal that new tactics were required.

15) Please remember, the Cabal is the bond between Beijing and our corrupted powers here in America. For instance, how have the Democrats and the MSM spun China's biological attack against us? That partnership is the Cabal. It is they who execute these psyops.

16) Beginning with the Coronavirus, the Cabal entered a new era of truth based operations. I have termed them Tru-ops. Their intent is to deceive you, of course. Yet, the necessary factor is a greatly intensified use of truth. The Coronavirus really does exist. It is no lie.

17) And last, we've established that one such operation alone cannot be sufficient. They must be chained, strung together. They must demonstrate a cumulative effect, one building on the next, while enhancing the impact of the previous.

18) Those aspects reveal the nature of the threat we face. You will absolutely want to keep them in mind, and share them with friends, family, and fellow patriots. America is under attack. The Cabal has declared war upon us. I have previously termed this the #WarForAmerica2020.

19) That brings us to the question of the cure. We have discussed it, quite deeply, before. It commences with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' model of grief and grieving. Here again are her stages: 1) Denial 2) Anger 3) Bargaining 4) Depression 5) Acceptance

20) I have not studied the history of Dr KR's model's use in practice. As I understand it though, it was early on that therapists realized her model was NOT merely descriptive, it was also prescriptive. People don't get through grieving automatically. It doesn't just work out.

21) Therapists rapidly realized that you kind of have to encourage a patient suffering from loss to move through all 5 stages. We humans, we get stuck. We linger, work unfinished. We suppress our anger, and don't come out of denial. If angry, we rage, and get stuck there.

22) It is my understanding that just about every qualified therapist in the world today both knows these 5 stages and knows to watch for and aid them when any client suffers traumatic loss. It is my proposition that as Americans, we must embrace this structure as a people, now.

23) Here's the direct application. We were unprepared for a pandemic. The Cabal knew that. They knew it would be a sucker punch to the gut for us, as a nation. Happily they executed it. We've covered this, but just in case... It really was a sucker punch.

24) Just remember this one fact. China prohibited flight from Wuhan to other destinations in China. It did NOT prohibit flight to every other nation on earth. More, it fought nations - like ours - who want to restrict that flight. Can you say guilty as charged?

25) As I have explained, be it a pandemic of opportunity or design, what matter? No matter. Let's grant - I don't believe this for a second, but let's grant - that the Wuhan Biological Weapons laboratory had nothing to do with this virus, or that it escaped accidentally.

26) We simply know that airplanes are pandemic virus delivery mechanisms. That's why the air industry took the hit it did. It's that simple. So, granting me that it was an attack, and not merely some bad string of luck, we must face the psychological loss they wished to cause.

27) Do you see what I'm doing? I'm addressing denial, the first of the 5 stages. How? By incontrovertible facts and inescapable logic. Also, by simplification. To break denial we have to have simple, clear truth. There's no other way to break its death grip on our hearts.

28) We could employ the same steps with the economic attack - the greatest economy in history shut down in a single moment - and again with the social devastation that resulted, and again with the current attack on law in America. That's not our job right now, but we could.

29) Our job is to learn how to protect our individual psyches from this hellaciously evil attack. The steps I now offer you work. They're not mere theory. I have been employing them these decades of my life, I use them both personally, and professionally.

30) Here is what I've learned. First, completion of each stage of grief is the doorway to the succeeding stage. You can't really get angry, until you at least soften, if not leave your denial behind. Not finished being in denial? You won't be able to let your anger rise.

31) If you meet a person who has suffered a terrible loss, but demonstrates no anger about that loss, then that person is still in the denial stage. This works with all 5 stages. A person who's still feeling utter depression - stage 4 - cannot find true acceptance - stage 5.

32) So, each stage's completion, or at least adequate completion, is the gateway into the next stage. And when the next stage doesn't show up, it means you're stuck in the previous one. Funny enough, it also works the other way! Here's what I mean.

33) If you notice the first hint of anger in a person seemingly completely stuck in denial, you see the thread to pull on. That is, anger is precisely what it takes to break denial. Let me say this positively. Often, people just aren't ready to feel anger, so they suppress it.

34) In classical psychology, that's called a defense mechanism. Even the youngest therapist learns rapidly, it is NOT a good thing to steal a person's defense mechanisms. They have them for a reason. So, you must NOT try to break denial too fast. You have to wait.

35) Again, you must not try to bargain anger away - stage 3 is bargaining - until the anger has broken itself a little, and the hurting soul begins to ask, is all lost? Or, is there maybe something I may hold onto? That's what bargaining looks like.

36) So again, if you have a person who's raging, furious, maybe even screaming and yelling, do NOT tell them everything is going to be okay. It's not. They have to suffer their loss, and anger is not the 2nd stage for no reason. Anger must be felt. You can't heal without it.

37) After the rage has burnt its way through the soul, and exhaustion begins to settle in, the questions of what is lost vs what can be held, the negotiation, the bargaining over these must commence. It too will be a dangerous place where we can bargain falsely, or get stuck.

38) Just as anger was the both the destination out of denial, and the natural mechanism by which denial is broken, depression is the cure for bargaining. You heard that right. In grief, depression is mandatory. You can't get round it. There's no leaping over it. It's coming.

39) Another way to understand this is that once bargaining loses all anger, but fails to lead to depression, it becomes infused again with denial. True bargaining, true negotiation with the soul is a process of discovery. When it becomes driven by lies, it's just denial redux.

40) Bargaining must come to end, when there's nothing left to be gained and the remaining loss can no longer be reduced. At that point, it is critically important to be sad. And you can't be precise about this. Sad just so. No. You have to feel your sadness utterly.

41) One of the worst things we naturally suffer is the illusion of permanence. If I let myself be depressed, I'm going to be depressed for the rest of my life...we fear...but we fear it wrongly. Depression ends. That's the beginning of acceptance - stage 5.

42) An analogy I've found helps people is that of a 5-level cascade, where the water with its lovely sound pours down again and again with growing force, until it reaches the pool below. The pool below is the rest of your life, after the loss has been fully grieved.

43) If you let yourself feel your sadness, let yourself be depressed, the sadness will begin, eventually, to abate. During that period, when people ask you how you are, ask them back, do you really want to know? If you trust them, then tell them, I'm so sad I can't describe it.

44) If you trust them you might add, I'm just not ready to accept that my father and I will never eat a meal together again...or any other example of true loss your bargaining could not mitigate. The key to depression is the emotion recognizing what you're not ready to accept.

45) Acceptance looks like the recognition that whenever you drink your lost dad's favorite beverage, you may always hoist it as a toast to him. It looks like the realization that his love and guidance have been written on your soul, never to be erased. And in acceptance, you cry.

46) Depression is often the inability to cry over what has been lost. You're sad, but can't let the sadness out. You're trapped in a nowhere land somewhere between denial, anger, and bargaining, trapped before acceptance can commence.

47) Yes, friends, this is hard stuff. The Cabal has stolen so much more of America from us than we can even realize. Our denial is their asset. Sure, we're angry, but no, we're not angry enough. How do I know? I can prove it to you. We were angry about Kavanaugh.

48) Just weeks before our midterm election in 2018, we were angry. But once his nomination went through we bargained all our anger away and blindly, back in denial, lost the House to the Democrats. Is that how angry people behave? I say not.

49) I say to you that we, the MAGA movement, must master all 5 stages of grief and grieving. No, not just personally, but I'll come back to that. You cannot do something as a team that you cannot do individually. MAGA cannot grieve my loss or yours. You and I must, for ourselves.

50) But there is such a thing as a body politic. We absolutely are a movement and must come together again this year in 2020 with even greater force than we did in 2016. As a movement, we must master these spiritual and psychological skills together.

51) It's time for an espresso break. If it looks good enough, I'll take a photo and share it. When I come back, we'll finish up on the cure against psychological warfare that as patriots we must master.

52) It's not my best cup ever, but that's only because I'm behind in roasting up my next batch. By my principle of making the best cup from even the worst beans, I did good! Now...back to work...

53) I say again, we MUST wrench the 5 stages of grief and grieving AWAY from the therapists who own it now. It must become a part of the warp and woof and the American fabric. We'll nail that down in our final section here. To do so, I wish to add my own stage 6.

54) You cannot jump from the acceptance of loss to birthday party planning, or a brand new entrepreneurial vision. It is not conquest that follows the acceptance of loss. But, there is a stage that arises naturally, once the force of your own life kicks back in.

55) For me, stage 6 is: grim resolve, steely achieve what one's lost one would give blessing over. I know, not all loss is loss over one's parent who has passed. But, it's a great specific case to work with. If we live long enough, we all go through it.

56) So very simply, imagine you've lost your father. You've completed the 5 stages and begin to feel a new emotion naturally arising. You now begin to look forward, still with sadness, to the rest of your life without your father there to share it with you.

57) Yet, you now know that he lives on inside you. You can hear his voice. You remember his words, and that look of patient love in your worst moments of conflict and struggle. You remember his loving support and treasure it. I know, not all fathers give such love...

58) But most do. That is, most fathers do their best, and love with all their hearts, and that, my friends, is how flawed dads get through. I know. I am one. Okay then, Knowing how to access your inner father, you now begin to look at the rest of your life, forward.

59) Grim resolve and steely determination are, quite simply, my most favored emotions in life. I adore exuberant celebration, and teach it, and practice it when I can. I know how to do. I am competent at uncorking a bottle of expensive champagne. I dance, too.

60) Yet even in the moments of most delirious celebration, as I've walked the paths of manhood, I'm never able to take my eye off the enemy's maneuvers. I never forget he is always manoeuvering. He is often watching my celebrations to determine if I'm vulnerable to attack.

61) And what I've determined is that America's strengths are so great that, unless we are softened up by successful psychological warfare, there is simply no way to defeat us. That's why we must consider our national morale, our psyche, as the most important part of our defense.

62) If you have a friend who is a therapist, read them this essay and watch their head explode. Most would be long gone by now. But, if any remain, watch this... It is capitalism that teaches us the emotional foundation of grim resolve on the other side of grieving.

63) Here's how it works. Each of the 5 stages can best be approached with these three assessments taken straight from capitalism: 1) Cost 2) Risk 3) Reward

64) The first mistake most people make looking at those three items, it to be confused over the difference between cost and risk. Cost is certain. It's certain in two ways. Any situation will extract its cost whether you recognize that or not. It's not stoppable. Cost happens.

65) The second element of cost is often termed, "sunk cost." That is, before you get the value, or the benefit of a purchase, you must sink some cost into its purchase. Once that cash, or any other asset so exchanged is surrendered, it's gone. That's cost.

66) So cost exists in the right now present, whether you want it to or not. There's a guaranteed cost to non-action, often invisible. And, there's a sunk cost to any purchase, if you think you want it, you have to pay for it. Price = cost.

67) The mistake creeps up again when people think their risk is tied to the cost. They risk losing what they paid. and while that's true, a bad purchase converts into a loss, that's not where risk holds its firmest grip. No. Risk is what bad may happen after the cost is payed.

68) Here's a simple example. You're afraid your stoor will be broken into during a riot. So, you hire private security. You pay the price they ask. Now, horribly imagine, the private security leans toward the rioters and seeing them, helps them demolish your store. That's risk.

69) More likely, seeing your steely eyed security guards, the rioters move on and demolish someone else's store. That's reward. Do you see? Cost is in the present and cannot be escaped. Risk and reward are in the future, and are completely uncertain.

70) Those terms laid out, how do they apply to grief and grieving? And how do they guide America toward its greatest, most important strength? Remember, steely eyed, grim resolve is the goal. Here is how those three steps get us there as individuals, first, then as a people.

71) Suffering loss, you're going to experience denial. There's no way of getting around it. It can't be escaped. It is an inexorable cost. Yet, there is a second price you must pay if you wish to escape the prison of denial. And that is, you have to let go of fantasy.

72) Denial may be be understood as poisonous, albeit necessary fantasy. It can have a positive side, and a very important one. But, that's the reward. To get there, you have to pay the second price of facing your denial-based fantasy and surrendering it.

73) The ultimate reward of denial if you pay the price of letting go of its fantasy basis, is in the power to face the truth on the one hand, but NOT overreact to your loss on the other. Denials says I did not lose this. Where you have, you must surrender, admitting you're wrong.

74) But where you actually did not lose something - such as your passed father's love within your soul - then denial helps you say, I have not lost all. Denying that you have lost all is a good thing. It is, in fact, a great reward.

75) Anger, bargaining, and depression all have certain costs. It is expensive to be angry, especially when you wish to think you're not an angry person. Most people have no idea of the pure joy of excellent negotiation, bartering, or bargaining. It breaks their ego, painfully.

76) Surrendering to the fact that you're sad, depressed, is hellaciously costly. Most would rather live in denial than face the pain of our losses, our wounds, those dark places where unfinished grief has become spiritual cancer. These dark places are the residence of our evil.

77) If you get there naturally, acceptance is the least expensive of the stages. It essentially happens on its own as the organic result of the previous stages' completion. Yet, even still, it has a cost. The cost is letting go. Perhaps, that's the greatest risk of the process.

78) Letting go can often feel like a betrayal of the lost beloved. You'll hear people say, with guilt-redden pain, I can't quite remember my father's face so clearly anymore. It's like he's fading. While a clear sign of acceptance, one can easily feel the pain, the cost.

79) By the way, the first four stages wonderfully weaken that moment in the following way. Once resolve over the coming mission kicks, in one's lost father's (or any other beloved's) face returns to memory, quite readily. And not just the face. The expressions and words and love.

80) Between now and when we discuss this topic next, I'll work up one of my ugly handwritten charts and snap a picture for you. It will list out the costs, risks and rewards of each of the 5 stages. For today, in order to turn to our nation's need, I'll trust you got the idea.

81) As a nation it is time to discover our loss. There is tremendous enthusiasm in MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. There is tremendous loss inside the word AGAIN. It means we lost some - who can count how much? - of our previous greatness. That is loss. It has been denied.

82) Back in 2016, when I was first debating my left-leaning friends about this topic, I discovered an argument-ending question. Here it is: Is there such a thing as the forgotten American? It delightfully always closed the conversation. They could never admit that there is.

83) Consider the list of enemies within. We listed the most important members above. But there are so many more. What if you attend a church where your preacher does not honor our Constitution? What about America's mayors and governors who will stop the riots?

84) I assure you, coming out of our denial is a vast project all unto itself, let alone accessing our righteous indignation and anger, bargaining with the truth of what we've lost to arrive at what is real, inescapable, and facing our sadness, depression, and yes, despair.

85) Here's an example. I have a new great-granddaughter. Her mother, my beloved granddaughter, is an understandably raving liberal, raging against our President. She's young. I'd have been just like her. But I must surrender my great granddaughter's education thereby.

86) I will have no impact on her education. And not only will my granddaughter inculcate today's liberal lessons, so also will the schools she will attend, and the teachers who will shape her mind and beliefs. Do you see? I get no where denying any of that. I must accept it.

87) So where is my grim resolve? It is with my granddaughter, herself. I am resolved to continue to build the love of our bond until the day her life catches her up to the truth. Guess what! That approach HAS already succeeded with both of my daughters!

88) One of them newly a grandmother - imagine that! - she supports, and has supported Trump all along. Previously? Raging Democrat. Do you see? That is my grim resolve. Love and time are the only tools I have for my young'uns. For our nation, though, I have a different resolve.

89) I've accepted our loss, and count it often. I have anger, a burning rage within my soul. I have bargained with it, so I am clear in what I'm angry over, and what I am not angry about. I am not angry at patriotic Democrats. I love them and seek to be their friend, truly.

90) I know what I will NOT bargain away. Scalia the great Constitutionalist on the SCOTUS, was assasinated. I won't change my mind about that. And why? For his originalist position in an attempt to suborn our nation's foundation at law. Roberts is a traitor. He gave us Obamacare.

91) Benghazi was the execution by HRC of 4 great Americans. Cash to Iran was treason by the POTUS himself. Do you see? I know what I will NOT give up, nor stop - EVER - being angry over. So it goes. So with my bargaining, my depression, my acceptance and yes, my grim resolve.

92) Were I to pass away, to literally die today - I won't, but if I did - it would be this that I bequeath to you. Take these five stages. Count both types of cost, sunk and the price to be paid. Rage where you must, but surrender your anger where it is wrong. Bargain. Negotiate.

93) Feel the weight of your sadness and be okay with your own depression. It must occur. America's loss is vastly too great to not cause profound sadness to the point of despair. Don't believe your sadness will be your final condition. It will not. You will find acceptance.

94) Do not believe acceptance alone will be your emotional landing spot, either. It won't be. After accepting what's been taken as having been stolen, you will absolutely find your steely determination to fight back, and win.

95) We proved we can win in WWII, and in 2016, both. Our fighting spirit is NOT a part of what we've lost. We were asleep, not dead. We are awakened, and we will, we must be resolved. Are you? I am. We shall join together with America's greatest defense. Our grim resolve.

Thread ends at #95.

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