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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Psyop Innovation Part 2

22 June 2020 - #MAGAanalysis Psyop Innovation Part 2 You'll want some good coffee, we have much to cover today. We begin with the China/DC Swamp connection, they're the authors of this Psyop. We then dive into the shield you must build. Here we go.

2) Look at the headline on that article. People would be crushed. What does that headline assume? It assumes your weakness, your psychological fragility. It assumes many other weaknesses. It's a terrible list. It assume you're a coward. It assume you have a weak immune system.

3) That headline assumes that you are 100% dependent upon your government to get through the Coronavirus Crisis. But it goes deeper. It assumes you're dependent on your government for your very life itself. A biological warfare attack on health. How deep does that go?

4) Let's get out of the weeds and go big picture, now. First, if you've been watching, you know I've expanded my list of Chinese attacks upon America to five: 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Legal 5) Military The new member is #4, Legal Warfare.

5) To understand how law can be used as a weapon of war, there's a very simple connection to make. Congress makes law. Congress is comprised of 535 weak souls. No offense intended. All souls are weak. I am a weak soul, so are you. We all are.

6) It is perhaps the least understood, least talked about aspect of Congressmen and Senators. They are lawmakers. They make the law. We constantly talk about policy this, position that. We constantly claim the other side's this or that is wrong. We don't focus on the law.

7) I can easily guarantee that China has understood that our law is one of, if not our greatest weaknesses. Master Sun Tzu, 2500 years ago, maps out the unity of the people with their king and general, as the single greatest factor in morale, in what it takes to win a war.

8) How did it come to be that George Floyd was executed, live on video, as a real time snuff film? My theory is that China, our Democrat Party, and those four policemen executed an operation, knowing completely what would result.

9) I always state that I have no proof, when I don't, which I usually don't. I have my analysis. And my analysis tells me that four policemen, executing a handcuffed and subdued citizen, was an operation. I cannot believe it happened by chance. So, who benefits?

10) Let me state again the two new principles I believe I've unearthed: 1) Where deceitful Psyops now fail, psychological warfare must now be driven by factually indisputable reality, as crafted for the purpose of the operation's success.

11) Here's the second new principle: Where one primary Psyop mission may have succeeded in the past, now multiple, coordinated attacks are necessary. Coronavirus leads to economic devastation leads to social division leads to the disruption of law in America. Get it?

12) I have said before, I did NOT see the legal attack coming. It kind of breaks my brain that we have an enemy who knows us so well that it does NOT need to fight us, at all, as long as it helps us self-destruct at law. To get down to this Psyop we have to understand that.

13) This is the blanket of blindness the evil forces of the DC Swamp have always placed over our minds. They have always been in league with any entity helping them profit over the destruction of our legal structure as a nation. Law, in the end, is what America Herself is.

14) It matters not what the outcomes are. A change has occurred. When, before 2020, was the possibility of defunding, let alone disbanding America's police departments possible? Today, our very police departments are under fundamental attack.

15) When, before Minneapolis in the wake of the Georgy Floyd execution, has a police station ever been surrendered? And here's the worst part, it's possible that that surrender may not go down in infamy. That is the severity of the threat. Our police? Gone? It's possible.

16) As an analyst, I do far better with current events, their causes, and their context in history, than I do with forecasting future events. I am confessing my failure. I did not see that the China/DC Swamp connection would attack our legal vulnerabilities, by way of race.

17) On the other hand, I brag. I saw the DC Swamp/China connection with a kind of clarity that most other analysts have not expressed. Granted, it was only last December that I turned my analytical eye toward China. But, in that moment, I began explaining all this to you.

18) One of the things I always look for in analysis is a single fact, a single incontrovertible truth upon which to focus. With the learning I've gained since last December, here is that one fact. With the demise of Moscow, the American left turned to Beijing as its leader.

19) The Communist Party of China has less than NO access to your mind, heart, and soul. It knows that. Its only chance to affect how you think, feel, and live, is by means of illicit, corrupt bonds with our DC politicians and our Main Stream Media. China knows this. I promise.

20) It took me a long time to understand, to complete extensive studies, before it came to make sense to me. How does a Communist nation have money? The answer is, they own everything within a given nation. I said Communist. The same is true of Fascism. Hitler owned Germany.

21) So here's the CCP, owning ALL of China, all its wealth. The product of every farm hand, factory worker, car salesman or plant. The CCP owns it all. And who's its most feared enemy? Obviously, America. So, what does it have to do? Recruit American lawmakers and politicians.

22) Until the past few weeks, it never hit me. If China wishes to invade and take over America, its greatest impediment is American police. More than any others. If our police departments were to recruit us to join the fight against an invading army, that army would struggle.

23) And that's my real point. Psyops have morphed into Truops. It is now true that American police departments are in the fight for their budgetary lives. I say again, I did not foresee the legal aspect of China's war against us, nor the alliance with the DC Swamp therein.

24) It often happens that what I see as a 2-part series morphs into 3 or more. What I realize is that the cure for today's Psyops has to be a seperate posting. I don't know if I can do it tomorrow or not. But, before this week is out, we'll turn to the cure.

25) For now, all I ask is this. Please consider China's warfare against us as part of the DC Swamp's desperate ploy against Trump and against the MAGA movement. Contemplate their five attacks: 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Legal 5) Military

Thread ends at #25.

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