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19 March 2020 - #MAGAAnalysis #WuhanVirus #KeepCalmBuyStocks We begin today with great gratitude to @1GigiSims for the following phenomenally important lead!

2) As I have to go fast, today's work will be clipped. You can blame the wonderful @JohnBWellsCTM with whom I'll be logging some work at 11:00 EST. If you haven't yet followed either Gigi or John B, now is that moment. Go to...

3) After you read the above article, I suspect you'll tend to agree with me about the following scenario. It begins with a virus in China, that we first heard rumblings about in December 2019. We'll go just a bit slowly over the following question: Nature vs Nurture?

4) So far, there are two basic scenarios being bandied about. The first is that the virus sprang up naturally in bats, skipped over to pigs, and through live wildlife "wet" markets in China, from pigs to humans. I've not seen any scientific map of how such works, but okay...

5) The second, and to my skeptical eye vastly more likely scenario is that we have the most perfectly designed bio-weapon ever released upon the world to date. We have to discuss the science of that, noting that I am ABSOLUTELY NOT a scientist.

6) What I'm now seeing is a growing number of articles declaring that this virus is NOT a bio-weapon, absolutely not, no way, no how, it is purely a matter of nature, and was created solely by evolutionary forces. No, no, no, no. It is NOT a bio-weapon and we have proven this!

7) Please hear my sarcasm above. Yes, their case is indeed possible, if not to my eye very plausible, but I'm more than happy to run with case, just in case, you know? We will call that case Nature. My analytical case is more along the lines of Nurture, you know, petri dishes.

8) But for our purposes now, let's allow for either scenario, and you'll see we end up in the same place. Here's how. Running with mere nature, no human design at all, it has to be faced, it has to be admitted, that China took full advantage of the opportunity provided.

9) This is very simple. If China were a friend, the first thing they'd have done is support the doctors and journalists who tried to bring the virus to light, but were utterly suppressed by the Communist Party apparatus. By friend, I mean the friend of their own people, first.

10) Rather, their decisions caused the virus to propagate with what I call vector force. Not sure I know the meaning of that, but I think it's the right term. Next, if they were our friend, or the world's friend, they would have restricted travel instantly.

11) More, they would have gladly accepted both our help in the form of our best scientists, and opened up their nation to our best journalists. They did the exact opposite, attempting to prevent the world from knowing what was happening.

12) And as opposed to restricting travel outward, they placed countless many thousands of travelers onto airplanes that were guaranteed to propagate the virus to the entire world. Why, you might look at that string of idiotic errors and challenge their intelligence. I don't.

13) If by opportunity, or by plan, the outcome is the same. There is NO WAY to pretend this was not a bio-attack. I think it was planned, but again, it doesn't matter. Planned or pounced upon, it is an attack. Pandemic by negligence or design, no matter. They were not our friend.

14) This leads my logical mind, especially after reading the article that @1GigiSims sent me, to the following four stages of attack, and in this order: 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Military 15) I've been analyzing and posting about the economic condition since December, before the word Coronavirus was one I'd even heard of. As soon as it exploded into the news in January, I began analyzing and posting about the possibility of bio-warfare.

16) As soon as I started focusing on the virus, chills ran down my spine and rose the hair on my neck. I instantly saw a connection between the bio-attack and the economic condition. Those who followed my analysis back in December know I focused on the WTO.

17) In a quick word, Trump killed the WTO in December, 2019, but that was only the coup de grace. The strategy to kill the World Trade Organization commenced upon his entry to office, back in 2017, and China knew it.

18) The keys to understand are these. China enjoyed Most Favored Nation trading status giving it every benefit of every agreement amongst any nations on earth. It was as if NAFTA included China, invisibly, and worse. China benefited from EVERY such agreement globally.

19) Trump's genius strategy to kill the WTO was, and China knew this, a death blow to its economy by theft and piracy. It was the greatest existential threat the Communist Party of China had ever faced, and they knew it at the beginning of 2017. Are you doing the math?

20) Personally, I knew NOTHING about any of this until I heard a throwaway line on the bret Baier show in December that that was the day the WTO died. I couldn't conceive of it, and really didn't know much about the WTO, either, but I knew something BIG had happened.

21) Letting go of that for now, there I was in early January walking my mind through this virus thing, and it hit me. China likely has the second greatest bio-weaponry development capability on earth. We're number 1, of course. Two years, that might have been enough time.

22) The moment I contemplated a pandemic inducing bioweapon, I immediately realized that A) the world was not ready to face it, and B) it's greatest force would be economic. It would target global equity markets, and most especially the American stock market.

23) Let's back up to the natural case for the biological, opportunistic attack. In January I made the connection between Coronavirus for China, to the Chernobyl incident for the soon-to-be dead USSR. I reference the extraordinary HBO series Chernobyl for background.

24) I am rather confident that I was the first to make that connection, but was thrilled when I saw Steve Bannon on the Jesse Waters show repeating the exact same tie. Smiling within, I think I know how he got the idea! And here's the critical piece of that analysis.

25) At the end of the HBO series we are informed that, 20 years later, Mikhail Gorbachev assessed the impact of the Chernobyl tragedy as the single greatest factor in the fall of the Soviet Union. Working that analysis through, I made the following bold prediction...

26) I predicted - and trembling with fear of egg on my face on 4 November 2020 - the fall of the Communist Party of China (CCP) by or before our election this year. Still trembling, I stand behind the prediction. I'd love to drop it, but that's very unlikely now, and here's why.

27) As I watched the virus convert first into pandemic - the most unstoppable in our lifetimes - and observed the stock markets reaction, it was clear that the biological attack was absolutely succeeding its inexorable impact on the globes and America's economy.

28) And at the same time, a new term entered our world, Social Distancing. Aha. Sick and poor, we can now no longer unite, bonded by friendship and family, socially. Hmm. These first three stages beggar the mind to explain as simple nature at play. Nope. Not buying it.

29) And then, fie on her, Gigi sends me today's article and we are instantly alerted that there is a very real military threat we face. At least, the government is facing it. Continuity of Government. It's not that I hadn't gone there in my mind, but I hadn't well, accepted it.

30) Let me rush toward today's finish with some good news. First, Trump has done more to thwart the Chinese bio-attack than any other president could possibly have done, and no matter how we suffer, he has made us ready. He is mitigating the evil force of the attack.

31) Second, anyone with an eye to see can tell that our stock market's fall is directly caused by one and only one factor, the damned virus. And anyone who can read history knows that such things rebound, and that vast wealth is created by the rebound. Thus... #KeepCalmBuyStocks!

32) Third, the social attack is having the exact opposite effect as was desired. As we retreat into isolation, we are forging new bonds of connection and love as we haven't, well, since WWII, as everyone is seeing. We Americans forget how strong, tough, and truly good we are.

33) Deeper yet, as we isolate, we return home, and we share time with those beloved there. And what's more, we are all suddenly learning about our immune systems, and strangely, our nation's immune system as a whole. Go figure! We will be healthy. We must.

34) Fourth, and last for today, we clearly face military threat. Do not allow yourself to hesitate in denial. Continuity of Government. It's not merely about social upheaval. China has first strike nuclear capability, and has built its conventional first strike assets as well.

35) Do you doubt that Trump and his team are in any way behind the curve on this? I don't, not for a second. I am honored to trust my life and my family's behind the shield of his wall of might, military might, to keep us as safe as possible. Aren't you?

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