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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Justice in America is Dead

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

1 September 2020 #PardonFlynnNow Analysis By my sight, we learned yesterday with, perhaps, a new finality, that justice in America is dead. In the court system, there will be no justice for @GenFlynn. There surely is none now. Why would we think this will change?

2) At this point, the details are almost unimportant. I'll only give them their gloss. Some court decreed that the most corrupt judge in America is to be granted his full pleasure over General Flynn's case, its disposition. Judge Sullivan is no mere judge, he is a LORD.

3) We now know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Lord Sullivan operates high above the bar of law. He faces no risk. He is held to no standard. There is no power higher than he. He cannot and will not be impeached. He rightly fears nothing. His will is his pleasure.

4) There is a strange logic that we the people of America have utterly missed, but that the great and mighty powers of The Swamp have understood. A single law broken, used for corrupt purposes, if left unchallenged, breaks all of law. If crime is lawful, law ceases to exist.

5) I can't tell you that yesterday's shenanigans were the worst we've seen. We've seen plenty that might qualify as the worst. But there is a finality to yesterday's illegality in the form of lawful charade.

6) The very criminal judge who has broken law after law will be the face of law over his own crimes. He is so empowered, and so it shall be. We witness criminals on the bench, and we are left without the color of law as our safety. Law is destroyed. Crime rules.

7) What The Swamp knows is that our minds, our hearts, our very souls are too small to comprehend this. We will not face this criminal conspiracy at these levels of height. We are too naive. We continue to say things like, let the process play out.

8) Allow me my disgust. I apologize. Documents? Yes. We continue to be told that General Flynn's illegal prosecution is for the purpose of procuring documents we would not otherwise procure. Injustice against him is thereby for some higher purpose. For documents.

9) The other side knows we will sucker for such illogic. The documents are already there. There are legal ways to procure them. General Flynn's illegal prosecution cannot be thereby justified. Injustice is never the path to justice. But they know our logic is weak, if not broken.

10) I don't really imagine I'll end up approving of AG Barr. These slow movements of his, his deep friendships with evil actors, his past with Bush 41, these things indicate he too may well be participating in the Kabuki Theater of law of that is not law.

11) But here is General Flynn and there is Hillary Clinton. Who suffers under the burden of law? Who does not? I'd have to say it is Lord Clinton who does not, General Flynn who does. And what has Barr done about this? He dropped his case against Flynn. Good. Not good enough.

12) Emmet, old boy. I'm going to drop my charge, yes? But, you don't need to respect that. You can just go ahead and push forward, Lord of the Court as you are, yes? Whew. We threaded that needle! No, I don't know that occurred. I also don't know that it didn't.

13) If we were a wiser, better people, we'd care this much over even the smallest among us who suffered under a corrupted bench. But, it's understandable that we let these small cases go. Prosecutors and Judges are professionals, experts. The law is complex. Who are we? Amatures.

14) There's something utterly different about General Flynn's case. He was part of their crew. He was in power. He rose to the very highest, greatest levels of power. But he refused to play by their rules. He broke THEIR law. And that is unforgivable. He had to be punished.

15) Are you familiar with the concept of two sets of books? One set is given to the government, and is designed to lower your tax obligation. The other is the true set of books, designed to tell you the truth of your financial assets. Two completely different sets of books.

16) In America today, we have two sets of laws. The first is designed to show to the public, deceiving us. The second is designed to show the powers that be what is their true power. General Flynn is the highest ranking breaker of the second set of laws in American history.

17) In today's America, if you're at the right level, you're completely allowed to break any and all of America's public laws, no problem. The ultimate sin is to break the power elite's hidden laws. Do that...and you end up like General Flynn.

18) How do America's second set of laws work? Can you cay chap-a-quid-ic? The future maverick Senator Ted Kennedy abandons a drowning girl. No problem. He's on the right side of America's second set of laws. He remains a hero, no matter. Murder? No problem.

19) Let's look at this a different way. At least America's LORDS still hide their own rule set, a little. When we rebelled against England, the LORDS did not hide their advantages, they flaunted them happily. It is this state of LORDSHIP today's Swamp seeks.

20) The good news is, at least they're still pretending to abide by law. The moment we're in now, however, is the moment where they shed the pretense. If we let them do this we have betrayed America Herself. If we allow them to destroy General Flynn, we let them have their will.

21) Try the words on. LORD Sullivan. Oh LORD, may we please be allowed to speak before your mighty bar? No? Okay. Silently we step backwards away in regret that we failed to win, to earn your pleasure. Oh Mighty LORD Sullivan, we will now be silent.

22) Do you think I'm exaggerating, kidding around? This is how royalty and aristocracy assert themselves. They have one set of laws. We mere peasants, we have another. If you follow the logic, you see why General Flynn is the single most important target of their ire, ever.

23) It has been one of my own great failures, believe it or not, to hold back, to edit myself, not saying what I really mean. It is a new dedication that I will no longer hold back. Allowing General Flynn's case to move forward is a direct attack against true law.

24) I do not judge President Trump. He is just a man. He is the greatest leader we've ever had in America. I mean that. But he has been wrong, wrong, wrong, in failing to #PardonFlynnNow. The pardon is the only answer. Allowing this man to be muzzled is wrong.

25) I've stated many times previously, it was a mere oversight by our founders. The power of pardon is the greatest executive power of all, and they truly did debate whether it should be in our Constitution or not. In that debate, they missed the most important thing.

26) Pardon for innocence. They missed that. I don't believe it was purposeful. I think it was a mistake, an oversight. They assumed guilt as the basis of pardon, not imagining the type of corruption of law we now see in our entire Judiciary. They didn't plan for corrupt judges.

27) Why give an executive such a vast power, at all? The real answer is, beyond mercy, that justice tends towards corruption, egregious misconduct of law. We know the logic. We just never apply it to judges. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

28) I've know that Judge Sullivan is corrupt since around January 2019. I'm on the record on that. But even I had to go through a process of analysis where I first proposed his criminal behavior - I didn't call it that, then - was justified.

29) Once I got through my own denial, my own faith in judges and justice, I immediately began calling for Sullivan's ouster. But who am I? I'm nobody. Not really, but well enough. I'm just some crazy guy doing analysis here and there and everywhere with no degree.

30) I want you to be clear on that. I went to college. I did not graduate. I have no degree. Okay? Yet, I am an American. I have the right of free speech, free thinking, the power of mind, my own mind, and my heart and soul also. And as an analyst, I serve.

31) I serve General Flynn. And, in 2016, I served the Trump Campaign too, through General Flynn. He forwarded my analyses to the inner circle of the campaign. That I did that is my greatest accomplishment in life. I believe it matters. And that is how he and I became friends.

32) I resisted social media. This Twitter account of mine was started in 2009, but I did nothing, not one thing with it, until February 2018. That was when, together with @TamaraLeigh_llc, @JoshuaMacias, and @KateScopelliti, I founded the #ClearFlynnNow movement.

33) The original idea was NOT my own. It was @JosephJFlynn1's. He stated, back then, that a pardon was required. I agreed. The first form of our movement was #PardonFlynnNow. What we discovered, though, that a pardon was a legal thing. A clearance was not.

34) So, at the expense of great effort, we bent the new movement away from pardon, and toward a clearance. And it worked. It was the right decision. General Flynn's supporters were NOT yet ready to face the corruption of the courts, of the law.

35) The the clearance goal succeeded in building a support movement for General Flynn that did not previously exist. The support was there. We did NOT create that! But there was no movement behind it at the time. Our hashtag gave the supporters their voice. #ClearFlynnNow.

37) 18 December 2018 was the moment that all changed. It was to be a sentencing hearing. It was that day that Judge Sullivan revealed his complete corruption. He broke the law that day. He should have been removed from the case. He should have been disbarred.

38) Obviously, he wasn't. He still enjoys his vast power to this moment. Imagine how he enjoys his coffee this morning, knowing he still holds complete power over Flynn. In this, more than anything else he's ever done, Judge Sullivan is now LORD Sullivan. He may not be opposed.

39) I am no protest organizer. I have never attended a single such event. I am still allowed to ask. Why are there no protests against LORD Sullivan? Why do we on the right allow those on the left to organize protests better than we do?

40) This is a sad day. If we end up allowing General Flynn to be judged, as if by law, then we have allowed the destruction of law itself. I can envision on honestly lawful America again. But not today. Today, I simply weep and grieve. American law is corrupted.

Thread ends at #40.

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