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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

It Takes a World to Protect an Individual

1) I often defend Nixon and Kissinger for their alliance with China against the USSR. It was a brilliant move. However, I never defend their view of the world order, and Kissinger's op-ed piece lays out that same view again.

2) If you take the time to read his piece, you'll see that it is not even a veiled attack on the America First mission that @POTUS has effectuated. Kissinger is essentially saying it takes a world to protect an individual and a global economy for wealth and prosperity.

3) He tells us the world will never be the same and paints a bleak picture of how the world may be set on fire - his term - if we don't all come together to rebuild the globalism he has spent his life supporting. I don't begrudge him that, I simply disagree.

4) I do not believe it was the world order that created the wealth of the last half of the last century. I believe it was America that led the way following WWII, and it was the great, historic American System that created that wealth.

5) What's more, the very system Kissinger continues to tout, as it evolved, become the sucking sound of America's wealth being syphoned. Obviously not all of America's wealth, but rather, the wealth of America's great middle class. We were plundered.

6) Let me speak to those of you, my Q following friends, who take such great comfort in the phrase: Trust The Plan. I have never been able to do so, as you do. Recently, if I recall it right, I believe I heard @prayingmedic say: Trust Trump's Plan. That got my attention.

7) If the phrase would always be expressed that way - Trust Trump's Plan - that is something I could do, and actually do already no matter how anyone expresses the encouragement. I do trust Trump's plan. Completely. It is that faith that Kissinger is attacking.

8) I know many, no most Q followers have always added Trust God's Plan, in some form. Often by means of the statement: God Wins. As I have been very open about, I do not share that faith. However, I hope always to support those of you who do, and with all my heart.

8) Yes, Coronavirus is a new type of weapon, actually an extraordinary advancement upon an ancient weapon. But it is new to us. And no, it will not be the world order that saves us. And no, I do not share Kissinger's fears that we will collapse without the world to save us.

9) Rather, it will be how we return to the American values and principles that made us great in the first place. Consider our pioneers, facing more than we can imagine, and pressing forward to build this nation in spite of every obstacle. It is that spirit we need again.

10) And it will be a turning inward to find our own best strength as individuals, families, communities and ultimately as a nation united. The place to turn, however, is not the global order that Kissinger so loves. It starts within the person, each of us as individuals.

11) On that note, I'd like to offer you a second glance at the work I commenced yesterday, which is my pinned tweet. It is a long, slow thread, spiraling you deeper and deeper into your own strengths and weaknesses.

12) It was never government that saved us, or made us wealthy - as it did for Kissinger and his crew - it was we ourselves who forged our own path through difficulty and challenge, to create the strong metal of our own souls, and the strengths of our lives and families.

13) So, I urge you, walk we me though the factors and dynamics of #FriendsAndEnemies, and slowly descend into your own very personal world where your decisions, your strengths and weaknesses as a leader or a follower, reveal themselves in the warp and woof of your own life.

14) Consider who deserves your trust and loyalty, and who does not. Consider how you have earned trust and loyalty, or where you have failed to be worthy. My first answer will always be to look within before you look without. I believe that is what @POTUS does. He looks within.

15) I apply America First, pulling back from the world order, as a call for us to look at Ourselves First, pulling back from a life of dependency upon government. We can suffer loss, and still survive, solve problems and thrive. It is that path I'm on, and invite you along, too.

Thread ends at #15.

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