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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Innovating Psyops

20 June 2020 - #MAGAanalysis Innovating Psyops This is, for me - not personally but as an analyst - a very frightening article. So much so, that I plan to return to it again this coming Monday, 22 June.

2) Monday, we'll return to and expand on previous work we've covered regarding Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' model of grief and grieving. Today we're going to discuss how psyops have evolved over the four years I've been studying them. This evolution/innovation scares me greatly.

3) I'm not expert in the history of psyops. I've read some of it, but my focus always seems to return to real time events in motion. Still, let's imagine a part of what I'm going to term an "innovation" has been known and employed for a long time. The use of truth.

4) We've always been told that Satan uses the truth as the basis of his lies for countless centuries. The thing is, when I have looked at old school propaganda theory, it seems to have focused on the gullibility of masses, essentially codifying sophisticated ways to lie credibly.

5) The key engine of such lying was "the power of suggestion." Perhaps its greatest model was hypnotism. There was a distinct Freudian base to all of this, and no doubt, much of it really worked. Who knew that Jack Kennedy was in severe pain? There was no suggestion he was.

6) I believe we'd have to place Obama in that old school camp. You can keep your doctor, or your policy if you want to. The way the lie worked was, we get to define what you want and don't want. It was a bald lie, and old school propaganda. By today's standards, unsophisticated.

7) I have to take a small detour about Freud. He was trained in, and became one of the world's leading practitioners of hypnosis. And when I say trained, I mean it. He studied in Paris as the greatest student of the greatest practitioner in the world.

8) Upon completing all his studies, he opened up what was to become his famous office in his home town, Vienna, and at first, his entire practice was based upon hypnosis. And did his practice ever succeed! It took off immediately, as hypnosis is real and it does work.

9) Unbeknownst to most today, Freud was a very romantic man, deeply in love with his wife, and the father of a very large family. He adored his children and always felt he wasn't quite providing well enough for them. Having an instantly thriving practice was a great relief.

10) It didn't last long. Also not known by many today, Freud was a man of more than just impeccable, stirling integrity, he took his professional, healing obligation to his patients to an extraordinary height of passion. And he began to notice what became a horrifying problem.

11) While his patients loved the instant results he provided, he found two fundamental problems. The first was the more objective. Healing suggestions he implanted during hypnosis never lasted very long, never more than three weeks. This began to haunt him.

12) The second problem was more subjective but even worse. He began to see his own values arising in his patients' souls and daily life activities, as if in an overlay on top of and suppressing their own values. The problem was, his suggestions were...HIS.

13) What did he do? Jettisoned hypnosis. And as you might expect, wiped out his entire thriving practice. What did he do then? He began the long, slow slog of building a new art which he called Psycho-analysis. He believed it to be a true science in the strictest definition.

14) Detour over for now (we'll discuss the scientific vs pseudo-scientific nature of his art another time), we return to propaganda based on hypnotic suggestion. Last I recall, Obama is on record some 28 times or so promising we could keep our policy and doctor. 15) The advertising industry that arose as the commercial application of the laws of propaganda rapidly identified repetition as its most important method. A suggestion has to be implanted over and infinitely over again. Obama employed 100-year old methods, as you can see.

16) So, why innovate? Why change what has worked so long, and has won its status as science? There really is a simple answer. @realDonaldTrump. The mass voter groups of America were NEVER supposed to be able to make up their own minds. NEVER.

17) Also, if I call Democrats and Republicans Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum, do you follow? The two least respected former Republican candidates today are John McCain and Mitt Romney. And Bush 43 has fallen so far he's come out FOR Joe Biden AGAINST Donald Trump. We had no options.

18) It was all lies, old school propaganda. The Republicans had sold America out every bit as much as the Democrats, and we weren't supposed to have real options, ever. As to the propaganda, it worked. Until Trump I thought there was at least some difference in the parties.

19) What their hypnotic propaganda really achieved was putting us all to sleep. Hey, I have to give props to the Tea Partiers. Not only did they wake up, they led the way in every way, and without them there would be no MAGA movement or President Trump.

20) It is my own guess that one of Trump's key factors in deciding NOT to run in 2012 was the fact that the Tea Party was not yet strong enough to take Obama down at the polls. By the time he came down the escalator in 2015, he was ready to lead to the next level of strength.

21) Oh what a shock 9 November 2016 was to the DC Swamp and its global allies. One way to look back at that moment was as the very first failure of scientific propaganda since its early 20th century rise. That is worth a great deal of contemplation.

22) Like Freud before him, Trump decided to shed the hypnosis-based methods. He chose to speak truth to a sleeping giant, and that truth was precisely the serum that broke the evil spell. In doing so, Trump changed all the rules.

23) You can look back over the years up until 2020, and see the old guard reeling, rocking in their shock, one volly after the next, trying to use the tired and tiresome old methods with slight variations over and over. By 2020, really, the last half of 2019, they'd realized.

24) The old game was over. I was actively analyzing all this as it took place, as many of you know. But, it's taken me until now to get, if not to the bottom, at least to the place where I feel I can adequately view their new methods as they roll them out in real time.

25) I have previously stated that they've discovered the need for truth. No, not like Satan, hiding his lies inside of truths. No. Actual truth. The Coronavirus is real. There is no way to fake it. Sure, they lie about it, exaggerations, etc. But, there is a virus, it is real.

26) With the power of this virus put in play, they knew they'd gain the power to shut down our economy, and they did. Again, sure, they employed all kinds of Kabuki Theater optics and old school propaganda methods to push their narrative. I really am coming to hate that word.

27) Yet there is NO WAY to argue that the shut down of the economy did not occur. It did. It is an irrefutable fact. They showed their power, and we can see how vast that power most truly is. Remember that. It is the great flaw in their new method. But we'll return to that.

28) Economy shut down, wrongful powers being used everywhere, our oldest most vulnerable population being executed in their elder care facilities, it is time for the third strike. Social unrest. Again, make no mistake, their power is real and did they ever use it.

29) Let's play a little fantasy game. Pretend there was a newspaper, you know, the way we used to think of them. Imagine it has an honest editor and an honest publisher, demanding the highest standards of honest journalism. I know, impossible, but imagine.

30) A story comes out about bricks dropped off IN ADVANCE of a riot. Linger with that. There is NO WAY to dismiss PLANNING, or COORDINATION in that fact, assuming it is factual. Let's pretend it is.

31) An honest news outfit would pursue that story until it broke it. Consider the word "break." The story has to be broken down with incontrovertible evidence, sourced...yes...scientifically. We have to pause there...

32) Before there was science - modern science, before that it was called natural philosophy - there was law. For our purposes, although invented by the Greeks and Romans, we can locate the rise of law, modern law, to England. Within this law system there is a single great method.

33) In British Law the most important method of drawing as close toward the truth as we can is called the adversarial system. A plaintiff accuses. A defendant defends. They argue. A judge presides. A jury decides. In a slightly different life path, I would have been an attorney.

34) Please know, with your entire soul, all freedom arises from that system. Without fair trial at law, there is and can be no freedom. The beauty of this system is impossible to adequately appreciate let alone fully describe. Perhaps it can be hinted at by the search for truth.

35) It was this system that gave rise to journalism. In our Revolutionary days, and in the early days of our Constitutional Republic, newspapers played out the same roles. There were Federalist newspapers fighting Democratic Republican newspapers. Viciously. Very viciously.

36) Something that, again, few know, is that it was the system of adversarial law the made possible the rise of modern science. In science, a set of facts and their explanatory theories are fought over, adversarially. The best theory wins. We draw closer to truth.

37) I see no newspaper following the story of the pre-placed bricks. Who was behind it? There have to be ways to establish this, factually. Can you feel the beating theme here? Truth. How do we find the truth? If journalism is actually dead it's because it stopped seeking truth. 38) In all this, we can see that America's internal enemies have come to understand that propaganda today must be based in actual truth. It can no longer fake its way home, happily. This is how innovation occurs. The old rules no longer working, new rules must be found.

39) They have learned more. Not only must their psyops be founded on actual - we might even call it kinetic - truth, one such truth alone will NOT be enough. We can call this feature Systemic Leverage.

40) While we strike the entire world with this pandemic - designed or merely opportunistic no matter - we plan for the destruction of the world's economy, of course. But also we target America especially and then, moving from virus to economy, we attack America's social bond.

41) I brag, I saw and documented most of the above no later than February. I confess, I failed to foresee the attack upon America's police. I have to explain why I failed. My most natural leaning is as a pure, idealistic Libertarian, following Frederic Bastiat.

42) Here's a for instance. I hate speed limit laws. I can't tell you they're unconstitutional, but I feel they attack my liberty. There's a cop car. It has a siren and flashing lights. I am supposed to stop, pull over, accept my ticket and pay? I'm not sure how this is liberty.

43) As a natural libertarian, I'm just not keen on police powers. Alas. I'm wrong. Idealistic Libertarianism simply does not work. At least, not today. Damn him, it was Trump who forced me to stop being a Libertarian. You can't support him if you are, not fully support.

44) Do NOT let me get started on taxation.

45) Formerly idealist that I was, I failed to foresee today's attack upon the police. I failed to see that there is NO LAW, if you have NO POLICE. Alas. My idealism is not likely to ever rise again. People cannot self-police. Let me say it again: People cannot self-police.

46) In today's world of honest psyops, if you wish to attack the law, attack the existence of the police. The psyop elegance of that stuns me. And I hate confessing that I did not in anyway foresee that.

47) So I now have to increase my list, my previous list of China's attack modules to five. 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Legal 5) Military

48) Each of the first four attack modes is based on reality, factual truth. There is a virus. We did shut down our economy. We are now suffering socially, as a society, as we never have before. Our very basis of law itself, as enforced by police, is faltering.

49) Systemic leverage means this. One attack serves and supports the next. The second attack intensifies and strengthens the impact of the first. So also with the third, cumulatively forward, and exponentially backward. Again with the fourth.

50) Perhaps we need a new term. Truops? Let me know what you think. The science of propaganda has now evolved. That I'm telling you. We'll discuss the psychological aspect again, on Monday, as promised above. For now, my friends, please know, we are at war. We're under attack.

Thread ends at #50.

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