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"Herd Immunity"

19 April 2020 - #MAGAAnalaysis #Coronavirus #FreindsAndEnemies I've got a project running right now, amid all the other lines of analysis I keep following. It's first 85 post thread was here:

2) It hit me this morning, planning out my next installment, that an important analogy needed to be laid out for you, in order for you to fully understand the nature of this project. The analogy is the body's immune system. We keep hearing the term "herd immunity." Okay...

3) But, herd immunity allows YOU to die, if YOUR immune system can't handle current attacks. As long as enough OTHER members of the herd CAN handle current attacks, then herd immunity is just fine. YOU are expendable.

4) This shoots us right back to the very founding of America. ALL men are created equal. There is NO other single idea that matters so much to the very definition of America. So, when we start talking about immune systems, the place to begin is YOURS. Will YOU live or die?

5) Now we all know that you will most certainly die sooner or later. We each of us, all of us equally, shall all die. That matters. Saving your life is ALWAYS a temporary thing. We just don't want you to die today. We will all die on some tomorrow. No life is permanently saved.

6) In today's context, the question is merely this. Will #Coronavirus cause your death, or not? I just saw a number said 35,000 of us, we Americans, have already been taken by Coronavirus. That's more than 50% of what we lost in the Vietnam War. None of us are untouched.

7) I'm absolutely NOT an expert in your body's immune system. I know a great deal about it. I am a severe diabetic and I manage my health, my immune system. But, I'm only an expert in me. I am NOT scientifically qualified to address immunology medically.

8) I am, however, more than merely qualified to address psychological and spiritual immunology. I am, in my own not so humble opinion, the world's leading expert in this topic. Head, heart, soul, and might, the locations of the spirit's immune system, are my field.

9) With no proof in hand whatsoever, I believe that the soul's immune system is vastly more important, more meaningful, than even the body's. And that is the context for our current project.

10) My hope is to help you build up your spiritual immune system, so as to face the challenges of today's world. Specifically, we are at war. It is a war our enemy, China, attempts to disguise, but that attempt is failing. They committed one of the greatest atrocities in history.

11) Let's be clear on that. China, whether it engineered this virus or not - it did - tamped down its impact on China by prohibiting flights to or from other parts of China into Wuhan. At the same time, it shot off infected people around the globe, from Wuhan. That's pure evil.

12) What the Chinese government knew was this. Our immune system as a planet, from biological to economic, would absolutely NOT be prepared for this attack. It was 100% right. It is NOT my job to aid the planet's biological immune system. I have no ability there.

13) It is, however, as I have stated, my self-appointed mission to help address the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual immune system where I am absolutely competent and qualified. That's our context. Should you disagree, please let me know. I'll respond.

14) Here's a confession. My projects, my topics, often expand beyond my vision. Take our work today. I previously conceived it would simply complete Part 2 of this #FriendsAndEnemis project. It will not. Rather, it is Part 3, and yes, there will be a Part 4. Alas.

15) If you haven't kept up (and who could?) here's what I hoped would be Part 2 completed, when I started it:

16) Today's work will be Part 3 of 4, I only realized this morning. Here's how I realized it. I discovered that we had to work on Descartes' coordinates, and then complete Ancient Rules 3 & 4. That's our task now. I'll give you the images in the next post.

17) Have you studied, meditated on the power of Rene Descartes' coordinate system? Most of you haven't. Most of you have no idea how it changed the world. We're going to discuss that, today. Here, on that mission, are this morning's four drawings I completed.

18) To begin, we simply see that X is horizontal, Y is vertical. To the right is positive. Up is positive. To the left is negative. Down is negative. It's hard to believe, but before Descartes' work, this simple layout did not exist. Positive up and right. Negative left and down.

19) In our second drawing, we see that following the X, Y sequence, we map out: (+,+) (+, -) (-, +) (-, -) We must linger here. Slow. Meditative. The logic of the structure is a type of elegant beauty not often extolled.

20) I can assure you, throughout my entire life, and long before I realized I was an "analyst," this structure awakened my mind, and empowered me to break complex matters down into simple parts. Follow it out, given current mission.

21) There are two types of Friends, two types of enemies. In our 3rd image, we can see the elements defining each of these four types of relationships. Look again:

22) Inside each relationship is a two-component basis. Linger ever so slowly on that. The ancients knew this from the real world. This analysis dates back at least 4,500 years. They knew it. But, Descartes's work only occurred some 250 years ago or a bit more.

23) It is on us to master this ancient rule set, utilizing the most powerful, simple-but-powerful modes of analysis we're able. You see all this summed up here in today's 4th diagram:

24) We'll move into application, and focus on our final two rules rapidly. I will claim, personally, that I have not seen anyone work with these rules in quite the Cartesian manner that have. I believe you're seeing analysis that is fresh.

25) Here's our last general point. No person can accomplish his objectives for the world all by himself, alone. Every purpose requires recruitment. It requires the alignment of purpose with endeavor among teams of people. A team may be just two, which may be most powerful of all.

26) But in all cases, true alignment of purpose and action, values with mission, alliance of effort toward identified outcome will be required. Who are your friends, who your enemies? Of your friends and enemies, which come from which quadrant? You need to know.

27) The Friend of my Enemy is my Enemy. Most people I've ever known cannot truly embrace this rule. Most people just look at life too directly, and too tactically, to even follow. You have an enemy. Okay. Do you even realize how much that means? Likely not.

28) The ancients had no illusions about this whatsoever. Enemies existed. They knew that. They'd never doubt it for a moment. There is a contrary rule in American culture today. No kidding. The FALSE rule is: There are NO enemies, ONLY friends.

29) Or, perhaps a bit more tactically, there are only people. People are good and bad, but can't be judged. Don't judge. Never judge. A friend is a buddy. Someone not your buddy is just someone you don't know well. On and on. The naivete of this is cancerous.

30) If you reject the idea of enemies, you can never embrace the reality of true friendship. And without that, you will never realize that your enemy's friends are, also, and absolutely, your enemies. The challenge of embracing this can be almost overwhelming.

31) Don't believe me? Look at China since Nixon and Carter. Nixon, global pragmatist that he was, embraced China's outreach by way of rule 4: The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy. China was USSR's enemy, and therefore our friend. All good, and I agree.

32) But when Carter normalized relations with China, he went too far. He assumed them to be our perpetual friends. Friends now. Friends forever. Reagan was likely far more Nixonian on this. Ah, but HW Bush 41 was bad. He was a bad man. He blessed Tiananmen Square's suppression.

33) And 41 was 100% out of time sequence. The USSR fell on his watch, alerting him to the simple fact that China, our friend due to rule 4, and suddenly lost all basis of friendship with us as soon as USSR fell. China corrupted Bush 41, completely.

34) Here's how naive we Americans are. Since Bush 41 was China's friend. And China is our enemy. We failed - and most have to this very moment, still - we failed to realize that 41 was our enemy. He was bad. He was corrupt. He was the friend of our enemy. He was our enemy.

35) Hardly alone! Clinton 42, Bush 43, and Obama 44 were all friends of China. They hollowed out our nation. Corruptly, they embraced all the advantages China wanted, taking their own corrupt share of reward for doing so, and were the best friends China might have had.

36) I'm sure the history would validate all our rules, going back and back over all our previous presidents. You'll laugh at me. I used to NOT like Lincoln. I saw those 650,000 deaths, and his breaking of all the laws, and judged him. I was wrong. Here's why.

37) Slavery was America's greatest enemy. It corrupted our Declaration and our Constitution. If you don't know the 3/5ths rule, look it up. 3/5ths is the most evil number in American history. Yet, it was necessary in order for there to be a Union at all in 1789.

38) Lincoln was the enemy of slavery. He didn't necessarily intend to be, but he was. He cleansed his reputation by putting through the 13th Amendment to our Constitution, and by the Emancipation Proclamation. He was the enemy of slaver, in the end. And thus...our friend.

39) But do NOT let me make you think these ancient rules are only about history, politics, or national things, etc. No, no, no, no! You NEED all four rules to map out your own life and work, your mission and how you will achieve your objectives, whatever they may be.

40) Here's a personal example. #Coronavirus is my enemy. I'm not so afraid of it, myself, as my immune system, both biological and spiritual, is mighty. But I fear for my wife @KateScopelliti more than I can express. If I contract it, and beat it off, I'd still give it to her.

41) I have a son in his 30s named Nico. He is my friend. How so? He is the enemy of my enemy, #Coronavirus. He lives about 7 miles from us. He has not visited in many weeks. This is a sacrifice. We miss him desperately. He misses us too. But he is #Coronavirus' enemy.

42) Our practice of social distancing is intense. I don't know if we're flawless, but we're very serious about it. Nico wants to come visit, but hasn't, due to his fear he may have been exposed. Thus, as the enemy of my enemy, he is my friend. That's how this stuff works.

43) It works over every area of life. There are no relationships in your personal, social, or business life that fail to fall into these categories, if you'll only go to the effort to assess them objectively, honestly, with fierce judgment. You MUST learn to trust your judgment.

44) In closing, let's turn back to American politics today. I say there are many, many patriotic Democrats. Before the #Coronavirus, we know that @parscale was reporting more and more of them coming to Trump's rallies. We know of @BrandonStraka's work in the #WalkAwayMovement.

45) These patriotic Democrats deserve a better Party to affiliate with than the one they suffer under. The nexus from the DNC through the swamp and MSM, to our enemies such as China is so horrible due to the very fact that it allies with our enemies against us.

46) It is NOT your Democrat neighbor, or the Democrat-leaning teacher or administrator at your local school who is your enemy. They are our friends. Why? Because they are loyal to America Herself. They love our Declaration and Constitution. They're good people.

47) By rule 1, as Friends of America, they are our Friends too. But, that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, and the MSM are our enemies, so also must we bear with the fact that our fellow patriot American Democrats suffer under such evil leadership. We have a mission.

48) We must somehow connect again with our Democrat brothers and sisters, and help them find the way to understanding what horrible, terrible enemies their leaders are. We do that by love, gentle words, patience, understanding, yet true dedication.

49) Americans are smart. They see the truth, and for many, even when they can't admit it, they feel in their hearts already. It is that bond with America, Friendship with our nation itself, that we must find and support as we roll forward. Remember, they are friends.

50) That's it for today. Please study assiduously until you are 100% competent to explain these diagrams and structures to your 6th grade children, applying them to our nation, and to one's personal life, fluidly. You can do it. I know you can!

Thread ends at #50.

CORRECTION: the rule is of course rightly stated... The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend!!! All such errors, when found, are gratefully received!

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