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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

He Has Already Been Exonerated

16 March 2020 #MAGAAnalysis #Coronavirus #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence #KeepCalmBuyStocks In but a single sweep, we need Flynn back, to help us navigate the coming challenges we face as a nation. We'll break this down step by step.

2) @POTUS tweeted out that he is seriously considering a full pardon for @GenFlynn, yesterday.

3) In response, the great @SidneyPowell1 had this to say:

4) Of her points, this to me is the most important: "@FBI fully exonerated him of all things Russia by memo of 1/30/17." Those of you still not favoring a pardon, and desiring exoneration are simply not yet seeing that.. HE HAS ALREADY BEEN EXONERATED.

5) If you're interested in the background, I have provided an entire suite of analyses covering every aspect of pardons, and have continuously urged a #PardonOfInnocence. Do check it out:

6) For all of that work, the question is no longer merely an analyst's recommendation, as @realDonaldTrump has expressed his serious consideration. Now, let's go back to @POTUS' actual assertion. The DOJ appears to have lost @GenFlynn's case. Go figure.

7) I kept up with the case carefully for many months. After the great @SidneyPowell1 took over and a wonderful nexus of legal case analysts arose, I let go. So I do not know the latest of the day by day twists and turns. What I have always known was that the prosecution is dirty.

8) And note, @SidneyPowell1 did not even use the term "prosecution," rather, she uses the term "persecution." This case has been an illegal weaponization of the DOJ's power for political purposes since long before it even commenced under the guise of legal prosecution.

9) To my eye, it is this which @POTUS has lost patience over. We need not discuss AG Barr or the Mueller team again. The simple fact that the DOJ has NOT dropped this case is all we need to observe. The case has been and remains 100% bogus. Yet...

10) Yet, the DOJ continues to prosecute it, and to evade its own malfeasance to this day. Friends, please try to follow. A culture of corruption cannot be transformed overnight. Even if Barr is a good guy, and I have my serious doubts about that, he hasn't dropped Flynn's case.

11) If we hear that the DOJ has withdrawn its prosecution today, then I'll say today was a good day for them. Until they do, they're dirtied by this. It is corrupt from before inception until now. This is the most corrupt case I know of in American history.

12) That's why I say @realDonaldTrump is 100% right to be considering a full pardon. I say what better day than today? But if not today, perhaps tomorrow? How long must we wait? We need @GenFlynn back. And why, exactly?

13) If there is but a single reason - there are of course scores of them! - it is our war with China. Yes, you read that right. It is my belief that the war with China has already commenced. I will walk you through the reasoning below. I offer my logic and data below.

14) Here is an image of the most important recent source of data I have. It is from an interview by Jon Scott of FOX, from Saturday, 14 March 2020.

15) My friend @Pau7j22164 says: "Tell your followers if they have on demand just go to Fox report and then choose the episode which would have been March 14th. It's good until the 21st." Thank you so kindly, Paula.

16) In the following posts, I'll walk through the notes I took from that interview, and then I'll pull these points together by my own analysis after. We begin with the idea of a Coronavirus patient zero. Gordon Chang tells us that, for more than a month, China blames the U.S.

17) Who remembers Saul Alinsky and his famous 13 Rules For Radicals? I've studied that book with tremendous care and attention. And, I have a 14th Rule to offer. ALWAYS BLAME THE OTHER SIDE FOR THE VERY METHODS YOU EMPLOY.

18) Often things can't be proved. I doubt we will ever prove that China was actually the source of the Coronavirus, or my assertion that is was a designed for purpose bio-economic weapon of mass destruction. My job, however, is not to prove. It is merely to analyze.

19) An analysis is often nothing more than an informed guess, logically structured. Focus on the term "informed." No one can keep up with all the information. We must pick and choose, and narrowly focus on the data we deem most important.

20) For my own part, I am what is technically termed a "white analyst." This means that I employ ONLY publicly available information. Basically, the news. I must select amongst published reports. That is my data.

21) Gordon Chang tells us that the Communist Party of China - the CCP - is publishing the "fact" that it was right here in the good old USA that Coronavirus patient zero occurred. There is no more telling data than that. We have to linger on that.

22) You don't need Chang's information to glean the fact that China has attempted to prevent such terms as the "Chinese Virus," or the "Wuhan Virus." Their global stock, their so-hard fought reputation is tanking. So, we must never call it: #TheWuhanVirus Never.

23) The most chilling term Chang uses is "lash out." He tells us that China has been laying the groundwork to do just that, to lash out against America. Jon Scott asks, "Are you saying that China is making 1/4 of the earth's population believe this virus was made by America?"

24) Chang says yes. Ponder that. Slowly. Chang tells us that the groundwork is now in place so that the Chinese people, fooled by their evil government, will believe that America is to blame. Ponder that. Slowly. To take that in, we turn to an analysis completed by Mao Tse Tung.

25) Mao teaches us that no army can win the war without the support of the people. @GenFlynn has converted Mao's teaching into his very own doctrine... WHO THE PEOPLE BELIEVE WILL WIN, WILL WIN. That's the Flynn Doctrine.

26) When Chang tells us that the people of China are being led to believe that Coronavirus was caused by America, there can be no question of the profound seriousness of the CCP agenda. A war is not defined by the first bullet shot. It is defined by the belief of the people.

27) Who is our friend? Who is our enemy? Bullets shot are merely expressions of these beliefs. It is the belief that makes the war, not the bullets. The bullets are merely the physical manifestation of the war. The war itself always occurs long before the first shot fired.

28) Chang tells us that for more than a month, dating back to either 5 or 6 February, the official newspaper of the CCP, the Global Times, has laid the blame for Coronavirus on us, the U.S. But how important is just one month? Well, there is deeper history Chang shares.

28) Chang tells us that Xi Jinping has been leading the Chinese people to the following belief. CHINA IS THE ONLY SOVEREIGN NATION. And for how long? At least the past 10 years.

29) Due to recent learning, I believe I know how to interpret this mission of Xi's. We'll come back to sovereignty shortly. We turn now to the term "Democracy." This will take a while, so I'm going to go get a cup of tea, and then dive in again.

30) If there is a single great mission that Communism requires for success, it is the "redefinition of terms." As we see above, the term "Sovereignty" is under CCP attack. But let's go back further. The real term in question is "Democracy."

31) We think of Democracy in terms of the vote, and the right of the majority to determine its own leadership. De Tocqueville's famed work, Democracy In America, lays out precisely what our democracy originally looked like. It is a stunning read, more now than ever.

32) Communist nations understand the power of Democracy more than we do. And here is how they distort and extort this term's meaning. They remove the vote from it. They focus on the benefit to each person. They have a famed maxim: FROM THOSE WHO HAVE TO THOSE WHO NEED.

33) Turning Democracy from a term of the vote, they contort it into a term of benefit to all. No, not all. To the benefit of those who need AGAINST those who have. This is the great lie of Communism. "Haves" are the bad guys. "Have Nots" are the good guys.

34) When Chang tells us that Xi Jinping has been extolling the solitary ownership of the term "Sovereign Nation" for China, he is establishing a new form of Marxist Doctrine. There was Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, and now, Jinpingism. CHINA IS THE ONLY SOVEREIGN NATION.

35) How can Xi make this claim? It is precisely the same as the now ancient definition of Democracy. Only a Communist state can be fully Democratic, as only it takes care of all its people. So, therefore, ONLY a Communist nation can be truly "Sovereign."

36) It cannot be stated quite strongly enough. Democracy has NOTHING to do, NOT ONE THING, with the government's provision of goods to the people. This distortion MUST BE trounced. A Democratic nation grants its people control. It does so by the vote. That is Democracy.

37) Now, let's get real. Who is Xi attacking with the more than a decade old theory that China is the ONLY sovereign nation? There can be no other enemy in question. It is the United States of America he has been attacking these yeah so many years. He denounces our sovereignty.

38) If I'm right - if Gordon Chang is right - then why is Trump so positive in his every public statement about Xi? It's simple. It's the art of the deal. We need a term here - and an ugly one - to clarify this question. The term is: Frenemy

39) A frenemy is BOTH friend AND enemy. Trump wishes to avoid a shooting war. I prefer the technical term Kinetic Warfare. Bullets are absolutely real in Newtonian terms. They obey his Three Laws of Motion. Biowarfare. Economic warfare. Cyber warfare. These go beyond Newton.

40) I say again, the war has already commenced. Gordon Chang tells us that Xi declared, over a year ago, a People's War on the U.S. There is a very simple principle here. War can be declared by any nation. When a nation declares war, war has commenced.

41) We know that war is a set of political objectives, conducted by other means. Why does Xi tell his people that they are at war with us, while negotiating with, and building a friendship with Trump? Xi is bound by, constrained within his Communism. He must do so.

42) Until victory is assured, Xi cannot announce this war to the global community. As we do not, here in the West, pay much attention to Chinese language pronouncements, we bop along obliviously. It is this obliviousness that is Xi's great advantage against us.

43) Focus now on what we know about this war, already in progress. We know that China manufactures somewhere between 80 & 97 percent of our antibiotics. They hold this advantage over our heads like a sword. What happens to us if they cut off our supply?

44) There's more. They have already also threatened to cut off all the medical gear and equipment we depend upon them for, along with all the pharmaceuticals we have allowed them to source for us, almost exclusively.

45) And that brings us, again, to the question, why? Why would China threaten to cut off this phenomenal source of income? Ask any drug dealer on any street corner, and you'll get the answer. You addict your mark to the product. Then, you have control due to the addiction.

46) For the strategy to work, you have to be able to cut off the supply. Staggering under the force of addiction, the mark will do anything. He'll steal a TV from his parent's home, pawn it, and turn the cash into purchases against his need.

47) Listen to Chang's numbers again. Between 80 & 97% of America's antibiotics are MADE IN CHINA. Can you say lifeline? We gave our lifeline to China. Imagine that. Imagine how that occurred. Imagine the corrupt billions of dollars flowing. Imagine that.

48) There's an as yet still more profound motivation. Trump has already defeated China's economy, and utterly. Chang tells us that their economy is in absolute collapse. He gives us two facts. Year on year, China's car sales have plummeted by 79%.

49) No economy, no modern economy can withstand the collapse of car sales. Chang gives us another. Year on year, oil demand in China has fallen by 20%. Oil reaches every sector of any economy. A 20% reduction in demand is beyond catastrophic. It is a death spiral.

50) It has been our perennial stance to overestimate the power of our enemies. The best minds of the Cold War could not have dreamed of the USSR's collapse, and no one called it as it occurred. We were taken completely by surprise.

51) The best minds of the Cold War feared the USSR's victory, thinking it was everything but inevitable. Ever since its fall in 1992, we have been making the same mistake with China. We fail to see how it is our strength that they defraud from us, our wealth they siphon.

52) China is NOT strong. It is NOT wealthy. Stolen wealth is not real wealth. Real wealth is in its creation, not its theft or extortion. What strength China has, we have granted it. Trump stopped granting.

53) Trump knows all this, and far better than anyone else. Yet, for all his genius and power, his strategy and capability, Trump still needs help. He needs the right team. He's been making extraordinary progress with his team. We saw that last Friday. What a great team.

54) Yet his global intelligence remains far from adequate. Trump needs and deserves Flynn. It was for that reason - among many others - that the Obama team chose to take Flynn down and that the Deep State continues to give all it has in the destruction of Flynn.

55) If I have a single case for the pardon, it has always been time. After Trump, Flynn is the greatest rallier we have. My estimate is that in 2018, we lost at least 10 House seats for the lack of Flynn's rallying. The Deep State will do anything to obstruct Flynn's reach.

56) But it's absolutely more than rallies that the Democrats are withholding by suppressing Flynn. It is precisely their protection of China's interests - Iran's too, of course - that makes it so utterly mandatory that Flynn's voice be stopped.

57) For me, though, the deepest level of all that the Democrats must prevent, is the power of the Trump/Flynn public friendship. A man alone may be defeated. A man with a friend like Flynn, cannot be defeated. It's that important.

58) If I were in Trump's position, not only would I pardon Flynn right now, I'd completely reinstate him, restoring all of his public power. The current National Security Adviser is, as far as I know, a great soul. He's clearly a hostage negotiator of world class capability.

59) My recommended action would be to restore Flynn to his stolen seat, but to keep O'Brian on, either at the NSC, or in some other key spot. I am quite confident that Flynn and O'Brian would work very well together, no matter the configuration.

60) What if I'm right? What if Coronavirus is, indeed, more than just a bio-economic weapon? What if it's the first gambit of war? There could be no greater ally at your right hand than @GenFlynn. Thus... #PardonFlynnNow by #PardonOfInnocence and #ReinstateGenFlynn.

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