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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Good News and Bad News

1) Good News and bad news. This is the best WSJ analysis I've seen in a long time. As you know, my bet is on a #PostCoronavirusBoom

2) My wife @KateScopelliti, did a research project on pig farming, after which we stopped buying any Smithfield products. China owns Smithfield and they employ the worst practices in the industry. Consider this bad news:

3) As this disease itself, and its attending hoax pass, we must awaken to all the good Trump has achieved, and help in getting this economy up and roaring bigger and better than ever before. Here's a key point. You keep hearing we've lost a decade's worth of jobs growth.

4) You keep hearing things will never go back to the old normal, ever again. Hogwash and malarkey, I say. Not only do things end - the #CoronavirusCrisis will end - we know how to build. And, if we awaken, we can use our anger for positive purposes.

5) When we do get back to work, we must not only transform our supply chain to excise China dependency from it, we must also take back our nation from China's ownership. Our media. Hollywood. And, we learn above, our farms. We must take them back. All of it.

6) When I return, after the election, to complete my #SunTzuForMAGA project, I can assure you already, chapter 13 on spying and espionage will be a barn burner. We gave up so much of our nation's work product to USSR through this means, their spies, our traitors. 7) Our relationship to Communist China has been vastly worse. We didn't let the USSR buy up our key industries and national assets with money they got from us shipping our plants and jobs to all of the its vast land. We did not prop up the USSR's economy and we defeated them.

8) Our relationship to China is informed by the laws of defeat, that is, it was, until Trump took over. As we come out of this first strike in their war against us, we must learn to out their spies, and to out our traitors. Think of it. They all learned from USSR's collapse.

9) Now, it's our turn to learn from our successes of the past, and in that same collapse. How did we defeat USSR? Perhaps we must return to wiser practices from that conflict and learn anew how to face down an enemy and win.

10) Don't get me wrong. I'm not being nostalgic. Rather, I'm saying we have treated China as friend, ally and faithful partner, when, in fact, we through our leaders have funded China's reign of crime and theft across the planet. It's time to defeat China.

11) The way we do that is we get back to work. If you're tempted to stay on the dole because it pays you more, don't. Work for your living. Find a way. You can. If you closed a business, reopen it. Hire again. And by the way, I'm not just saying that.

12) I tell all my clients the same. We have weathered this storm and we're not going down. As Spring turns to Summer, I'm encouraging all those I serve to start hiring again. Let's get back to work, by whatever means we need to employ. That's the first step in winning.

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