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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

Criminal Superpowers Warp Back Against Their Users

26 September 2020 #MAGAanalysis @GenFlynn Criminal Superpowers Warp Back Against Their Users It's the oldest story in the book. Powerful criminals rise to the top - crime does indeed pay, as long as you don't get caught by honest cops or tried by honest courts.

2) Consider my personal soul to be splintered into various rooms. Since February 2017, one of the larger rooms has been my Rage Against The Man Room, where General Flynn's innocence and his hellacious suffering burn. It's a dark oily smoke in that room.

3) And, consider my rage right now. Now we finally have incontrovertible, undeniable proof, proof that is beyond the shadow of a doubt, proof that lays this thing low. My friends were surprised to see how angry I was when this proof finally came out.

4) Back in February of 2017, I was already on public record with analysis stating emphatically that General Flynn was 100% innocent of any crime, and that, in fact, he was the victim of crime, not the perpetrator. I knew with 100% certainty, and stated so.

5) It took me a long time to come to terms with VP Pence on the "Flynn lied" line. I knew that Flynn hadn't lied. So, for many, many months - about 36 or more - I tried to avoid the topic. I now know that it was Yates and team who lied to VP Pence. I should have known then.

6) But here we finally are. Will Sullivan dismiss this case now, yet, after all this? I don't know, and I'm not predicting. If he does, I'll be happy that this evil journey has ended, for now. For now? What will be the aftermath? We face an election. What then?

7) If Biden wins, this whole thing may just disappear. So sorry. So sad. Too bad. Move along now. Nothing to see here. Or worse. It could all start right back up again, all over again. What have we learned? The Flynn Family Statement posted by @BarbaraRedgate addresses this.

8) Another topic must be addressed as well, and then I'm going to follow the Flynn Family Statement point by point. This is the question of what could have been, what should have been. General Flynn's destiny was ripped away. His destiny and ours, America's.

9) General Flynn was set to be the greatest National Security Advisor in American history. Consider the very thing they used as their setup against him. He talked Russia down from its response to Obama's provocation. Who talks about this? Almost no one. Obama poked the bear.

10) When? When did Obama poke the bear? After Trump won. Why isn't this simple? Why wasn't this obvious to the world when it happened? Why didn't Obama fall under the vicious scorn he deserved when he did this cheap trick dirty deed? Where is our intelligence?

11) Obama pokes, Flynn fixes. That's a heroic thing. Here, Lori, hold my drink, I have to save the world from Obama's perfidy. Okay, Sweetheart, all done. He was in the Dominican Republic with the love of his life, but had to once again save the world. One phone call. Done.

12) That's the stuff of greatness. And that's what they used, with lies, lies, and more lies, to bring him down before he had the chance to work his magic on the rest of the world. They stole that from us. From him, absolutely. From his family. But most of all, from America.

13) There is a word at law to contemplate. The word is: Remedy. It addresses how you fix, how you put back what was stolen. How you provide satisfaction to the victim that his loss has been recognized, honored, addressed and redressed. This is also known as justice.

14) Where is America's remedy? How do we get back the four years of General Flynn's advisorship? How do we fix what was broken, return what was stolen? How do we fix the world, as he would have, had his destiny not been stolen from him? This is no mere hypothetical.

15) You cannot redress what you do not address. I've made the point countless times of Judge Sullivan and Senator Ted Stevens. His Senate seat stolen, by Judge Sullivan, Obama was given a cloture-proof Senate, he could have whatever he wanted. Obamacare resulted.

16) Who addresses the Constitutional Crisis that Judge Sullivan caused? How is a 60-seat majority, granted by Sullivan's corruption, to be redressed? It can't be. Why not? It's loss has never been addressed. Without redress, there is no remedy, no cure, no satisfaction.

17) And that is precisely what the Flynn Family Statement cries out for, now. If you haven't read it yet, please do so now. In full, every word. We begin looking at each point, slowly and carefully, below.

18 "Abusive, intentional lawless actions committed against the Republic, the President of the United States Donald J. Trump and his NSA Director and our brother, General Mike Flynn, by a vile cabal of thugs in the FBI, DOJ, and Special Counsel's Office threatened...

19) ...threatened the national security of our country and all Americans." I have many wonderful Democratic friends. We speak often. They have no clue of what you just read. Not one. Their media has hidden it from them, completely.

20) Consider the word "cabal." To me, there are few words in the English language quite so frightening. A vile cabal of thugs. And where? In the highest offices of power in the most powerful nation on earth, that's where. FBI. DOJ. Special Council's Office (SCO). Stunning.

21) You've heard about the inmates running the asylum, right? Here in America, at the beating heart of the very Swamp itself, we had a vile cabal of thugs running the show. Try to argue that. Go ahead. This is true beyond the shadow, the very hint of a doubt. A cable of thugs.

22) And what did they do? They used the full force of law, and our entire Federal Apparatus of power to perpetrate vile crimes against one man, and through him, against our entire nation. These are not merely crimes now. They are crimes against our history and destiny.

23) I add, the did not threated national security alone, they threatened the very viability of our nation itself. Their evil cabal is the greatest existential threat our nation has ever faced. Those are my words, no one else's. But I ask you to ponder them.

24) "Evidence of massive corruption by the Obama-Biden administration pour from the pages of documents just released (September 23 and 24, 2020) exposing the secret plot to manufacture a crime to silence and destroy Gen Flynn."

25) I say again, it's the oldest story in the book. Evil power confers the patina of sanctity upon the worst actors in the world. In 1930s Germany, Hitler was worshipped. Uncle Joe Stalin had a tremendous following here in the US and yes, in FDR's administration too.

26) A friend of mine called me during the 2016 election season, manically explaining that Obama's $1.8 Billion sent in the night in an airplane to Iran was treason. I sadly told her, we can't use it. No one will buy it. It won't win us votes.

27) And what did Obama do? He made sure the law placed a patina of sanctity upon his actions. Cash in foreign currencies, no problem. So also a secret plot to silence and destroy Gen Flynn. In an evil world, power = sanctity.

28) "In their own words that FBI agents thought would never be disclosed, text messages reveal a concerted attempt to subvert a duly elected President and the U.S. Government to destroy the life of an honorable man."

29) Talk about the banality of evil. Okay, let's tear our nation asunder, and let's get some professional liability insurance, just in case... That's the face of evil itself. No horns. No fire and brimstone. Simple. Cold. Logical indeed. That is what perfidy looks like.

30) "The targeting of Gen Flynn is hardfast and pronounced in the release of FBI Agent William Barnett's 302. He recognized the prosecution of Flynn by the SCO was used as a means to "get TRUMP."

31) I don't yet know who this Barnett guy is. I do NOT disagree with his statement, it is true as far as it goes. However, I wonder if maybe he doesn't quite have the full picture. I think it was more like, we want to get Trump, but if we ONLY get Flynn, that'll do.

32) Flynn was no mere target of opportunity, nor just a means to an end. Getting Flynn was a rich thing, delicious and delightful to them all on its own face. The Obama administration was full of corruption and evil, but none worse than the Obama-Iran Axis.

33) Well, yeah, we have to through in Ukraine and China, okay. Thing is, Flynn was all over all three crimeful alliances at the core of the evil cabal. Obama-Biden needed Flynn taken down for that reason alone, not solely to get Trump. Getting Trump was another challenge.

34) Don't get me wrong. They absolutely thought they'd get Trump too! And, of course Flynn was a means to that end, no question. I'm just saying he was no mere consolation prize, nor merely a stepping stone. He was target number one, and bagging him counted, big time.

35) "This vicious attack of the U.S. National Security Advisor to the POTUS by an illegitimate mob of Obama-Biden minions robbed the President of his chosen, trusted, knowledgeable advisory, robbed the country of the benefit of General Flynn's vast expertise...

36) "...jeopardized the country's national security, and stomped on the founding principles of this nation." It's rich to hear the Democrat Leadership accusing Trump of threatening the peaceful transfer of power. Taking out General Flynn was precisely that crime.

37) It was the Obama-Biden team, led by Obama and Biden, who breached, for the first time in American history, the peaceful transfer of power. I feel I should repeat that endlessly. I say again, my Democratic friends have zero idea of this. Not one clue.

38) "The criminal conduct and malfeasance of those entrusted with the power to enforce our laws trampled the rights and lives of Gen Flynn, our entire family, and all Americans who cherish our Constitution."

39) Let's throw Judge Sullivan back into the mix. A judge who accuses a defendant of treason, the highest crime in our land, when his prosecution has not, has broken and stolen the Constitutional rights of that man. Where is this to be addressed?

40) I suspect it would challenge even the great @SidneyPowell1 to list out all the breakages of Gen Flynn's Constitutional rights that occured, let alone, the damage to our entire nation's constitution (small c) and the risk to our Constitution itself. Yeah, but she can do it.

41) "As our family's Guardian Angel of Justice, Sidney Powell, has yelled to the rooftops, "there was no case against Gen Flynn. No crime. And the FBI and the prosecutors knew that."

42) There's someone else who knew that there was no crime ever committed by Gen Flynn. His previous counsel, Robert Kellner of Covington Burling. For my money's worth, I'd like to see Sidney head up the civil case against that entire firm to put it out of business.

43) Are you aware of the fact that Eric Holder, also a member of the "prestigious" firm, actually gave counsel to Kellner on how to defend Flynn? I'm not kidding. I want that firm gone. I want its untold millions of assets handed over to Gen Flynn. Put them down.

44) "She has always been right and now, the proof has been laid bare for the world to see. Gen Flynn's investigation and prosecution were political, evil concoctions, and a total fraud on this country."

45) Who remembers Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan, the great miracle worker? Anne Sullivan magically taught the mute to speak, the blind to see and the deaf to hear. That's what Sidney Powell has done for America. We saw, heard, and spoke no evil where evil was.

46) Sidney has entered into the great stream of American history. If there is to be justice in America again, Sidney's work will always be remembered as a pivotal turning point. She got us the proof that would never have surfaced otherwise.

47) "The abject abuses of power of the Obama-Biden administration and those who deceived, lied, and conspired to destroy Gen Flynn and violate his rights must be held to account. He has been denied his liberty and freedom for four years. This must end."

48) Let's talk about justice. I want every one of those who bought insurance policies to be placed behind bars. I want it all the way to the top. Justice would see Obama and Biden behind bars. I know that won't happen. Thus, I know that I will never see the justice I desire.

49) I have long talked about the difference between the high bar of law, and the low bar of the court of public opinion. Justice may occur in either place. Should Obama and Biden be found guilty in the court of public opinion, I will be satisfied.

50) "Judge Sullivan has one obligation. That obligation is to dismiss this case with prejudice, immediately." By now, it must be more than obvious that I agree. However, will it happen? I hope so. But what if not? And if not, why not?

51) I have judged Judge Sullivan as a 100% corrupt man. Were he to dismiss this case with prejudice, he would be dismissing it with prejudice against himself. He is part of the prejudice of this case. Sadly, I reiterate. I have not been wrong once in predicting a bad outcome.

52) My own love, my reverence for the Law, my virtual worship on the Altar of Justice made me want to believe that Judge Sullivan was honorable. I worked hard to build out that case. It failed, utterly. He is not honorable. He should be defrocked.

53) "The American people deserve to know the truth as to all the misconduct and the dishonest people culpable for their actions. Gen Flynn demands that the Government unredact this exculpatory evidence."

54) If we got just that, only the unredaction of all Gen Flynn's exculpatory evidence, that would be a step forward. And there we go again. It is the Constitutional obligation of the prosecution to provide ALL exculpatory evidence. We must have this completed.

55) Sadly, it points to one of the greatest mistakes we have made in our nation's history. We trust the prosecution, we entrust them, with the power and prerogative to determine what may exculpate their defendants against themselves, the prosecutors. Contemplate that.

56) Prosecutors prosecute. They do NOT exculpate. It goes against every cell of their bodies, every dream of their hearts. I have learned that prosecutors count coup over the number of innocents they have convicted. And why wouldn't they? It's what they do.

57) Yes, as the Flynn family so rightly demands, ALL exculpatory evidence on Gen Flynn's behalf MUST be unredacted and provided. This is more than just for Gen Flynn. It is for America, also. But in the aftermath, we must look at ourselves. Blinders off.

58) Frogs should never trust scorpions, nor ask them to carry them over rivers. Hens should never elect foxes to be their safekeepers. Prosecutors are THE LAST people in America to entrust with the decision or the provision of exculpatory evidence. It's prima facie ridiculous.

59) The term for exculpatory evidence at law is Brady Material. It has long been my recommendation that Sidney Powell be elevated to the position of Brady Czar, with full power over all of America's prosecutorial offices, from the DOJ on down.

60) "It is high time that Barack Obama and Joe Biden be hold to account for leading their campaign of injustice against Gen Flynn, the President, the American public, and the Rule of Law."

61) Allow me to share a personal embarrassment. My wife and two sons and I were watching as Jim Comey for 14 minutes or so, listed out Hillary Clinton's crimes in office as Secretary of State. I got overheated. I whipped out some fine bourbon to celebrate.

62) My son Nico knew better. He drank the shot I gave him, but it was obvious that he knew what was coming. You can't know how much I hate being wrong, and most of all, being wrong in the eyes of my eldest son. Hellfire and brimstone, I'll never forgive Comey for that.

63) The Flynn family calls for justice. They call for Obama and Biden to brought to the high bar of law, and found guilty, and punished. Have they committed treason? Must they be shot at dawn? That is what I'd have done. That would be sweet satisfaction.

64) Alas, I revert again to the low bar of the court of public opinion. I say, let us take away their right to sanctimonious self-satisfaction. Let us lay bare their crimes, even though our court system has not the strength or integrity to execute true justice, truly, fully.

65) But most of all, let us give succor and love, respect and honor, gratitude and empathy to @GenFlynn and his family. Let us give thanks to @BarbaraRedgate for her great work these so many years. And to @JosephJFlynn1 as well, for the exact same reason, as to the entire family.

66) With my whole heart supporting them, and together with the family, I cry out that General Flynn must be fully restored to all he has lost. All that was taken must be returned, with interest. If this does not occur, then we must be ashamed.

67) This is on us. Sidney has done her work, and honor and gratitude to her. Now, it is our turn. We must rise up and with one voice demand the restoration to General Flynn of all that was taken from him. This is America's cause right now. We must not fail.

68) I ask, what is justice? It is when the weakest among us is protected against the evil intentions and actions of the strongest. It is for precisely this that government is formed among men. General Flynn is likely, at soul, the strongest man I've ever known.

69) Who else might have borne up under the historic load of evil targeted at himself, at his very person? Yet, in the face of an entire government's powers, he was weak against them, as any man would, even the strongest and best among us.

70) So I say, let us see ourselves within him, our hero. Let us see our families within the Flynn family, as they are just us, albeit the best of us. And let us rise up with one voice and demand... #JusticeForFlynn

Thread ends at #70.

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