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Chief Justice Roberts Is The Constitution's Enemy

Chief Justice Roberts Is The Constitution's Enemy

Today's Monday. Who remembers Friday, 30 May? The war for America has taken a hellacious turn, and riots, looting, arson and destruction are the battlefields on TV.

2) I had to look up Alinsky's 13 rules again. I know his overall strategy well. I've studied it extensively. The current state of war in America, war against America from within, goes well past Alinsky. I don't think he'd approve of today's tactics. Their goals, sure. He approve.

3) He'd hate Trump and had no love for our Constitution. But if you read his work carefully, or even just his 13 rules, and if you forced your mind to consider the intelligence underlying his method, he wouldn't approve of this. He wasn't pure Marxist. This is.

4) We've gone beyond mere Alinskyism. We are in a Marxist revolution, right now. From 1848 when the Communist Manifesto was published, and 1911, there were many failed Marxist revolutions. 1911, albeit masked as such in our history books, the first that succeeded was China's.

5) It's a complex tale. I've mentioned it many times. The 1911 revolution successfully ended the 1,000s of years old dynasty system in China. The Qing dynasty was replaced by a fragile communist regime. It never gained full control, and civil war ravaged China in the aftermath. 6) Most historians date the civil war in China from 1927 (or so) to 1949 when Mao took full control and the People's Republic of China was given official birth. I date the civil all the way back to 1911. If you accept my timeline, that's 38 years of internal war.

7) A dirty secret of the decades since, is that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has faced unending revolts ever since. For 71 years now, the CCP has faced and violently put down continuous rebellion, just never mounting up to a revolution's status.

8) This matters to us, in the USA, today. Follow out the grand timeline. The first Alinsky POTUS was Bill Clinton, although Bush 41 was very sketchy. But let's give the Alinsky era the run from 1992 - 2016. Trump was the first true Alinsky failure.

9) During the Alinsky era, China was ever on the rise as Moscow had given up the ghost. Bush 41 was 100% in China's hand, there can be no question of that. Nixon, Ford and Carter. Wait, Ford? I always forget him! He was the 38th POTUS. How do I always forget that?

10) I have to put Ford 38 back into my subconscious. For now, once again, he just doesn't count. Wow. Okay, back on track, we can't call Carter an Alinskyite. At least, I don't have that clarity. But we can call Carter a socialist at heart. Obviously weak on America.

11) While we can't call Bush 41 an Alinskyite, we can easily place him in the Globalist camp. We can identify how corrupt he was, and most especially corrupt in Beijing's sway. But it was Alinsky tactics that Clinton 42 employed to take Bush 41 down. That's important.

12) Here's an interesting question. Was Bush 43 Alinskyite? I have to guess a weak yes. At least through 2006. But, by 2008, he, Evil McCain, and Obama were on the same Alinsky page. Actually, I can't call Bush 43 an ite of any kind. Globalist, sure. He has no ism, though.

13) The Globalist Masters, Bush 43, McCain, and Obama came together no later than 2006. There's just no way their execution capabilities could have come together any later than that. Letting go of that for now, I am growing more comfortable with 1992 - 2016 as the Alinsky era.

14) The great shift occurred in 2016. HRC, the ultimate Alinsky protege, failed. Not only did that send a shock wave through the Alinsky world, they foresaw it. She didn't, but Obama did. Thus Crossfire Hurricane. And Crossfire Razor, the operation against Flynn.

15) I'm reading, among all the other books, a book on Xi Jinping. The simple essence is that he is Mao 2.0. Xi, ascended in 2012, has reasserted Maoism. We live in a renewed Maoist world. That is the true fight. And America, I say again, is in a Maoist revolution right now.

16) It is no coincidence that an evil white cop executes a black man while captured on technicolor video, at the very moment the Coronavirus Crisis begins to recede. Not possible. And instantly, no one talks about Coronavirus and everyone talks about America burning.

17) My own analysis of this war has always revolved around these four stages of attack from China upon America: 1) Biological 2) Economic 3) Social 4) Military What we're seeing right now is the shift from economic attack to social attack. Riots, looting, destruction, arson.

18) And look what slipped in under the wire of the daily headlines. Late Friday, just as Floyd riots were commencing, SCOTUS decides against religious freedom. That's our 1st amendment, and thereby, very purposefully our single most important Constitutional right.

19) Friends, coincidence is a very weak argument. Some would say there is no such thing. Chief Justice Roberts gave up the 1st amendment late, Friday, 30 May 2020. He gutted it. Hear me now. Without the 1st Amendment, America is not America. That is war from within.

20) We have a POTUS, a Senate Majority Leader, a House Majority Leader...and a Chief Justice. These are the most powerful positions our Constitution allows. Our Chief Justice is more than corrupt, he is completely against our very Constitution, our Bill of Rights, itself.

...Notice of pause. I have to go roast and brew up some coffee right now. I'll come back after. It may take about a half an hour or so. The coffee will be excellent, I promise.

CORRECTION: 1 June 2020 It sure they’re perfect but they sure look and small awesome. I’ll let you know!

The grind and the brew not perfect, but will have to do...

22) Where were we? Oh yeah, Roberts is 100% corrupt. My great friend Wings, @NADC10Fan, wants to know why, and that will be a delightful project. Wings, tag me on your thread when you post it, yes? Me? Couldn't care less why. I simply know that, that he is.

23) Just quick, Euclid, the father of geometry. He starts out with a point, just one little thing there with no parts, just itself. Skip a step, and we get a second infinitesimally small thing. Back up a step, we have a line. A line connects two points.

24) Those two points are what I always look for as an analyst. That's part of why I wait so long. I see one point - in this case, Roberts gives us Constitution-breaking Obamacare. I know he's rotten to the core already, but it is only one point. I wait.

25) Then, we get SOUTH BAY UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHURCH v California, etc. Roberts in one fell stroke, with but a single vote of his own, takes out the First Amendment. 30 May 2020 was the day the Bill of Rights died. Kiss it goodbye friends. We no longer have a Bill of Rights.

26) I'm sure many will have to feel I've overreacted, which is one of my favorite things to do, anyway. We can't go through them one by one right now, and besides, we have @shestokas for that. In fact, we have to turn to his work now is a very serious way.

27) @shestokas, with great respect to new friends of mine, has long been deemed by me to be the greatest Constitutional Scholar we have. I can sum up his story, quickly. He started thinking he should teach students about our Constitution. He went. He was shocked.

28) What @shestokas found was this. Not only did our children and teens and young adults NOT know or understand our Constitution or rights, their minds were not ready to receive the information. They actually did not have the conceptual thinking to take it in.

29) Our nation is the one and only founded upon an idea - freedom - and all the surrounding ideas that are required in order to safeguard and protect that freedom. And it is the ONLY nation ever founded upon the SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL, NOT the SOVEREIGN STATE.

30) But count the number of ideas, concepts in just the thought above: 1) A nation 2) Founded - what is that? 3) Upon an idea 4) Freedom 5) The surrounding ideas required to 6) Safeguard and protect that freedom 7) Founded on the SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL, NOT the SOVEREIGN STATE.

31) Now, try, try to forget about all 7 of those brain-stretching concepts. What if your geniuses - such as James Dewey - designed an educational program that doesn't merely attack those ideas, but destroys the ability of a mind to even HAVE an idea, any idea at all?

32) That is, of course, what is precisely our 20th Century history. For at least 100 years, our education has systematically destroyed our children's ability to think. And here we are a nation founded on ideas. It's genius. You have to give our evil enemies that. It's genius.

33) Don't resist me on that. Guys like Sun Yat Sen, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Alinsky, Clinton, the Bush twins 41 & 43, McCain, and Obama, they're all fantastic concept men. They get ideas. They think, competently. Marx and Engels were geniuses. Don't fail to respect our enemy. 34) Getting back to @shestokas, when it comes to American history, and the concepts of our founding, if I had only one book to read, it would be this:…

35) It is a travesty of American education that EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE student is not REQUIRED to read, to study, to discuss, and yes to be tested on the concepts of this one book alone. It would obviously open up the great library of history, but it's the pivot.

36) In a tiny, horrible nutshell, the main idea is this. We have a Declaration. We fight a war. We win. We blunder about. We write a Constitution. The real history of America begins, and the Declaration is every bit as critical to that story as is the Constitution.

37) Did I mention that @shestokas is an attorney? He explains the Declaration as some sort of - who can remember which - legal statement or complaint or something. Okay, I guess I'll have to reread it. But the legal document thing is AMAZING!

38) @shestokas shows us, with unbelievable cinematic and historically documented steps, the very story of what Jefferson and team thought, and how they approached their historic challenge. It's like a damned spy novel, it's so page turning.

39) After he and I met, I had to ask him, "David, how do you know what they were thinking?" It all felt so completely true, and logical, but the thoughts and emotions? It stretched my credulity. Was this historical fiction? And the answer is... No! It's all documented.

40) Okay, I say. Documented? Yeah, he explains. They all knew what was happening and kept meticulous journals. They told us in their own words. Of that, I had absolutely, one hundred percent ZERO idea, before. They told us their thoughts and how they developed them. Wow.

41) But, before @Shestokas, no one ever told the story in that manner. He collected all the original documents. Mastered them. (I think it only took about 40 short years or so, you know, like Moses.) And he pieced together the story, jigsaw like. Tapestry like.

42) I haven't mentioned what a great writer he is, bastard that is, have I? Oh my. When I read his work my jaw drops, and so does my confidence. He's that good. And what a story! It's the greatest story in the history of nations, in the history of our nation.

43) Do NOT let me get started on his thing he calls the Creed or the Credo, or something. Just 55 words from the Declaration, but you have to ask him about that, okay? It's mind blowing. You should listen to him on this. I know. You can't get a word in edgewise when he's rolling.

44) And, believe it or not (and I haven't even mentioned any of @shestokas other stuff, that brings us back to Roberts. The Phantom of the Court. When slipping out his evil assassination of our Bill of Rights, last Friday night, after the curtain closed, he knew something.

45) He knew that he had enough idea-free minds in America to ensure NO repercussions to himself from this evil act. Unlike John Wilkes Booth who had to limp away on broken leg to try to escape justice for assassinating Lincoln, Roberts gets to wake up calm and happy, everyday.

46) A quick Sullivan review. We got the second point of our corrupt Sullivan line first, in the Flynn case. I had to search back to find the first point, the Stevens seat in Congress flipping, and exoneration following tootlessly. Two points. A line. A corrupt man.

47) Wow, that was hard! But I found the perfect illustration. Check this out. And think what happens to 10, if you pull out 1. You get zero. This is where we are today, following Roberts' destruction of 1A. No 1, no 10. Zero.

48) Thought I wouldn't, but I realize I have to. Here's @shestokas other main work.…

49) Imagine. My local High School, Monticello, it's about a mile from Jefferson's estate, demands I come volunteer as a teacher. I have no choice. My response, okay. But, these two works are required reading, and we read Tom Payne, too, but these two are non-negotiable.

50) And, we'd study the systematic destruction of the Constitution by Justice Roberts, who should be impeached, but can only be discredited at the low bar of the court public opinion as the destroyer of America's freedom, more than any other in our history.

Thread ends at #50. P.S. My beloved granddaughter is a student at Monticello High, and guess what her summer reading list will include. Betcha can't guess!

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