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  • Pasquale Scopelliti

American Justice Is Now Rotted to Its Very Roots

15 August 2020 #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence #BalanceOfPower #SeparationOfPower #ChecksAndBalances #TwoTiersOfLaw We remain in denial, America. The fruit of a rotted root system is likely to be rotted also. American justice is now rotted to its very roots.

2) In a moment, I'll present two timely stories on topic. I will not follow the details out. Rather, I will encourage you to do so. I encourage you to read both stories carefully, with a detail oriented attention. Each story is horrifically meaningful right now.

3) Before I present the two stories, I will speak at a very high level about analysis, itself, and what it might mean to us if we embraced it. We? America. Common Sense America. If we wish to serve America we must all become adequate analysts. You must become an analyst.

4) I discovered that my patriotism demanded that I become an analyst in the 2016 race. This changed my life in ways I can't describe right now. Take my word for it. Political analysis is one of the most needed endeavors to embrace if America is to survive as a free nation.

5) Early in 2017, I knew, by my own analysis, that General Flynn was 100% innocent, and that the DOJ and the Special Prosecutor had embraced the path of criminal conspiracy. Say those words with me. The DOJ and the Special Prosecutor were both criminal conspirators.

6) We can bring in the intel community, Congress, the MSM, and so much more. But we don't need to. If the DOJ is compromised, and if we have a Criminal Conspiracy as Special Prosecutor, that's plenty. And even still, America is not clear on all this. Confusion reigns, still.

7) Buh, buh, but the Durham Investigation we're told. Okay. May it succeed. I hope it does. Yet, does the phrase too little, too late not apply? A day late and a dollar short? The deadline came and went. No action. No meaning. Whatever comes next will fail to impress me.

8) Let's look at our first story. If you don't see two tiers of justice, here, then I don't know what will ever persuade you. Hillary Clinton is not, has not, and never will be held to the same standard of law you or I would be.

9) I'd have to guess that it was back in the 1970s that HRC realized she could live her entire life above the law. Certainly no later than the 80s, and by the 90s, she was already the Queen of the Above The Law world. She had guaranteed immunity, over everything.

10) What is General Flynn's greatest sin? He led the crowd at the RNC Convention in 2016, in chants of Lock Her Up. His doom was sealed in that very moment. He still believed in American Justice. How wrong he was.

11) Next we turn to the vaunted, incredible, and amazing Andrew McCarthy. Every delicious detail of his analysis is worthy of your contemplation. I love him. I love his mind and his writing skills. Read him carefully, thoughtfully.

12) Can I, with vast respect, say I couldn't disagree more strongly? I couldn't. McCarthy's perspective is that of the courts, of the justice system as it functions. It is NOT his remit to point out the injustice of the justice system. That all this is pure evil, he cannot say.

13) Andrew is a good guy. He is. He's honest. Brilliant. A master of his art. But, sad to say, he too is part of The Swamp. His entire life takes place within a system so corrupt that his brilliant mind can't see it. He, like a fish swimming in the ocean, cannot see the water.

14) At this stage, every federal court proceeding over General Flynn's case is, and without question, an illegal act. The courts have become more than corrupt. They are outside the pale of law itself. They have become officers of illegality. Law is now Anti-law.

15) I didn't understand all of this back in 2017. I knew, however, that General Flynn was 100% innocent. I also knew that those who unmasked him and leaked his name were criminals. Linger on that term. Sally Yates is a criminal. Barack Obama is a criminal.

16) I knew that in 2017. The moment the Mueller Investigation was empowered, I knew it was a criminal conspiracy. Analysis enabled me to know that. Not to guess, to know. Ponder that. Please. It was knowable in 2017 that law had become unlawful. Ponder that.

17) General Flynn is innocent today as he was in 2017. Yet the law continues to persecute him. I'm always so tempted to like AG Barr. Yet, his minions fail to break this case down. The DOJ still cares more to protect itself than to serve the mandate of law. This case is unlawful.

18) It was early in 2019 that I realized that the only possible solution was a #PardonOfInnocence. The entire court system is so corrupted, from top to bottom, that it will only protect its own political, and NOT any justice interest. The courts care naught for justice.

19) Judicial Corruption. Take those two terms in. Contemplate them. Meditate on them. Judge Sullivan is as corrupt as the day is long. But so also is the entire system of which he is but one cog. The entire system is bent to the will of The Swamp. It's all corrupt.

20) This is the analytical failure of America. The very moment that Justice Roberts saved Obamacare, we were put on notice that from SCOTUS on down the courts were 100% compromised. This was a sleep, our cowardly slumber. There it was, in our face, but we did nothing.

21) The diagnosis is dire. Ever since 1988, our Executive Branch has been against us, against We The People, against our Constitution. Only Trump broke that cycle. The Congress has been sold out, far longer than that. Our Constitution was compromised by 1913.

22) It is my analysis that General Flynn's case is a last stand. If we allow this good man, this 100% innocent man to go down as a sacrifice to evil power in America, then we no longer deserve the rights that are the basis of America. They all depend upon Right of Law.

23) And that is why I rightly analyzed that a #PardonOfInnocence is the ONLY hope. This corrupt judicial system will NEVER self-correct. They destroy the Constitution and General Flynn's Constitutional Rights every day, day after day. And they laugh with scorn.

24) I came out of denial early. My followers have, since, to one degree or another, come out of their denial too. The court system cannot redeem itself, and will not. To hope it will is, sheer, pure, foolish, naive denial. It will not. It cannot.

25) After you read the stories linked above, and if you're ready to jettison your denial, then join me. The only check to judicial criminality is the executive branches power of pardon. Cry out with me. Demand with me. #PardonFlynnNow by a #PardonOfInnocence

Thread ends at #25.

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