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8 August 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Ninth Analysis

8 August 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis Strange Days At Twitter Over the day, yesterday, I lost about 130 followers. This, miraculously started to turn around after I posted about it. As of now, I have regained about 90 of them. Can you say, go figure?

2) I don't think the trend dates solely back to yesterday. Over the previous several days I had lost about 100 followers. Of course, this is anything but the first time it's occurred, and there is also natural attrition. But there can be little doubt that yesterday was different.

3) I've discussed this before, and when I do, I always mention @TamaraLeigh_llc. One always has to be ready to suffer what she suffered. Twitter wiped out - for no reason, and was never willing to explain themselves - her first account of over 75,000,000 followers.

4) Imagine the hours of her life, 1,000s of them, and the meaning of her efforts, all wiped out a single click, I am sure, by someone at a terminal and boss' clear command. Can you say evil joy? Do you remember knocking down wood block towers and how fun it was?

5) It is one of the most definitive hallmarks of evil that it takes orgasmic joy in destruction. Think the Taliban destroying a 2,000 year old mountain carving of Buddha. Think statue destroyers right here in America today. Looters, arsonists. Destruction is evil joy.

6) I can't make a promise. If Twitter wipes out my account, as I anticipate they will, I don't know that I'll have the dedication to rebuilding that @TamaraLeigh_llc had. A very big part of me says there has to be a better way, and I don't think it's Parler.

7) At

we have a fantastic team. One of the things we're doing is beginning to build our Facebook strategy. Assuming this account still exists, then, I'll update you about that as we roll it out.But, Facebook is obviously censoring as well. So...

8) I've devised two new strategies, each of which require your help to succeed. Well, the first I've already shared, and it really wasn't me who devised it! But I have embraced it! An anonymous friend of mine suggested a simple text message campaign.

9) All you do is reach out to a friend, and say, There's a new polling outfit I want you to check out, will you? And then you provide our link. Then, second, you say: If like me you find it 100% unbiased, please send this link to everyone you know. That's it.

10) My friend created that strategy because I was telling him we're still struggling to get the number of Democrats we need for our poll's validity. So, he decided to send that to a slew of Democrat friends, everyone he knows. How much do I love him?

11) We have to linger with this for a little bit. As the great tech companies ramp up their censorship dedication, we have to defeat them with new strategies. I believe that text messages are, at least a little, harder to censor than a Twitter of Facebook account is.

12) So, with my friend's genius to guide me, I plan to keep pushing this text message strategy to the max. I plan to learn how to build group text messaging to compete with Twitter's DM rooms. I have a story to share on that point.

13) I have a very famous friend. I won't mention her name. She had to leave a DM room that I was in too, and I saw that, and reached out. We often speak on the phone, and text message each other frequently as well. This is what she told me...

14) Twitter had cut her massive reach in half or more by shadow banning her. She was so upset by this, she ended up reaching out to another friend who is a brilliant analyst of Twitter's methods and he had extraordinary counsel for her.

15) Her adviser said this. One of the most important elements of Twitter's shadow banning methods, is to attack the tweets of people who are in DM rooms that they tag as "not good." There's a lot that tells us. Twitter obviously knows everything we say in our DM rooms.

16) And, Twitter has decided to clamp down on the reach of successful Twitters on the conservative side of politics in America today. So, my friend decided to drop out of all her DM rooms, and guess what happened. Her reach exploded again, instantly.

17) And, if I did not have her phone number, or was unable to send her text messages, I would never have been able to find that out. I share it here in public, but obviously, I'm not saying anything about who she is. I have many famous friends.

18) Not only will I be exploring methods of text message groups, I will also be turning to chat apps, and I'll be learning about their security and privacy protocols. I hope you're getting the drift. I am preparing for the very real possibility that I'll be kicked off Twitter.

19) Here's how serious I am. My desktop computer is a Microsoft Surface. My smart phone is an iPhone. I am seriously considering adding an Android cell phone to my arsonal, and an Apple product, so I can integrate text messaging onto my desktops. Double redundancy.

20) I have already tested and rejected Google Voice, the VOIP component is just too unpredictable, and dependent on consistency of internet signal. It's old technology, and it simply isn't robust enough. The idea is great, but the execution not so much.

21) I encourage you to deeply contemplate your own technology platform. Here's a for instance. What if you decided to speak to every single person on your contact list, and provide them the link to our polling site? How would you organize that project?

22) This is another lesson that @TamaraLeigh_llc taught me. Our social media movement, in 2016 - of which I in NO WAY participated - was fundamental to @realDonaldTrump's election. The MAGA Movement is a MOVEMENT! And technology played a HUGE roll.

23) I won't get into it now, but I will continuously urge our Democrat friends to follow our lead. I believe they are patriots. I believe their leadership is leading them astray. And what's more, I believe vastly more of them know it and feel it than have been given voice.

24) If there are any patriotic Democrats reading this, please hear me. If you truly support Joe Biden, then I want to know. I want to hear your support, in your own voice. My polling site has a few more steps to go before we can show you our commitment, but we will soon!

25) I'll linger just one more moment on my dream here. Be you Democrat, Independent, or Republican, I want you to have voice. And I want ground up politics to reach up and meet all the top down politics that have run our nation for so long. I want you to have voice.

26) And that brings me to my last point for the day. In addition to our text message campaign, we're about to start building out our email campaign. I'll show you how it works at our site in a moment, but first, there's an amazing book I have to share!…

27) What a story! A 14-year old immigrant from Mumbai, writes 50,000 lines of code, and creates Email - a term he also invented - in 1978. More than merely compelling, Dr. Shiva points to an amazing future for the technology he created as a boy.

28) One of the goals I've set for our polling outfit is that we'll live up to the phenomenal vision Dr. Shiva offers in his book. Do you see it? Text messaging, and Email, properly organized, can help us overcome the evil overlords of Twitter, Facebook, and Google, etc.

29) Let's go tactical. The first step I'm asking you take, if you haven't yet, is to sign up on our Email list. I know you already have the link. So, with a screenshot, just let me show you what the sign up looks like. It's on the home page of our site.

30) Here again is the site. You just click on the link right here, and then, scroll down, find the Email sign up shown above. Input your Email, and click the button below. That's it. Here, again, is the link to our site.

31) What happens next? You instantly get an Email. The first half of the Email will look just like this. And, it offers you the link to share with your friends.

32) The bottom half of the Email you'll get includes live buttons. All anyone need do is click on whichever butter strikes their fancy, and they'll be linked straight to our poll. We'll talk about that more in a bit.

33) The action key is this, and it's SIMPLE! If you sign up with your Email you will instantly be able to FORWARD that Email to anyone, or any group you wish. Focus first on simply forwarding this Email to a single person. Who? Someone you know, who'll take a call or a text also.

34) Put yourself in the other person's shoes. You get an Email. You get a text message. You get a phone call. All from a friend you know, love, and respect. You talk about this. You go to the website. You check it out, and you discover just how important this project is.

35) Now, you do it again. And again. This is action for America. The more you do it with those you know disagree with you politically, the better. We need their voices to be heard. And our website is dedicated to nothing other. Our poll will NOT abandon this mission. Never.

36) Let's go back to those buttons in the Email. The Anonymous Poll is the source of the data we hope to analyze and publish, just as soon as we hit our minimum numbers. Hey, let's talk about that! We need 220 or so, new polls taken per day.

37) We welcome everyone back, once per day. Any changes in position are ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to our mission. So, returning once a day is something we hope to encourage. However, to lay down our foundation as a legitimate polling outfit, we 220 NEW polls taken each day.

38) Mind, please, it is NOT that new polls are more valuable than returning polls. Not at all. But, we have to build the numerical basis of our data, and that is dependent on new people logging in and filling out the questions. Once we have that, we can start publishing.

39) Our goals are a bit more stringent, though. What we're hoping to employ, at first, is a three thirds model. 33% D, 33% I, 33%R. As we evolve, there will be reasons to adapt that model forward. But, I believe that model is a PERFECT starting point.

40) So, if you just do the math, what we really need are a minimum of 70 - 75 new poll takers in each of those identifications each day. I know, that's no small order. But, with your help, I know we can achieve it. And fast.

41) As to the other buttons, the On The Record buttons, the problem at our site for the moment is that we do not publish the answers, yet. So, someone fills it out, but no one else sees their responses, yet. We will correct this, as soon as we can. I, however, read them now.

42) And, I am here to tell you, America is a wonderful, beautiful nation, made up, filled up with beautiful, wonderful people. The reason, the passion, the dedication to goodness of our people is something we just don't celebrate enough. I can't wait to share these with you.

43) Summing up, my team is building out a Facebook strategy right now, and we hope to show you results, soon. We are learning about the power of text message campaigning, and the technology basis to support it. I am personally dedicated to that, for sure!

44) But, along with Dr. Shiva's vision, my suspicion is that the real answer we seek, in the face of ever-growing Big Tech censorship and message suppression - we have not discussed Google's role search corruption - Email will most likely be the most important tool we master.

45) Master? Imagine you decide to do an Email campaign all by yourself. And, imagine further, you decide to add ONLY a single D, I, and R, so your list is just four people including you. Then, you decide to grow it, always keeping to the same stringent selection ratio.

46) If you decide to grow your list, and your conversation over time, you'll have to decide upon an searchable archival method, secure from prying eyes and censorship. It won't be difficult. You just decide and do it. I know you can!

47) Drop down one additional level with me. There are my five questions, shown again here. Just add, after each question, the word: why? Pledge to not argue or persuade, but only to listen and understand. Of course, if you love each other, the heat will rapidly rise!

48) What could be better than a heated debate among friends who love and respect each other? And imagine the safety and security of doing it in private. Ah, but then, hey, maybe you'll meet at a pub, let the arguments fly, and have a crowd around your table in awe of you.

49) In all of this, I am asking for your help. Twitter has been a great place for me to ply my arts of activism and analysis since February of 2018, and of leadership of social media movement creation. It's been a great run. But I just can't imagine not being ready to be gone.

50) Censorship by these conniving means is beneath our American ethos. We are a free people, bold, and placed free speech in our First Amendment. Twitter can't take that away from us. Join me, and build readiness, and if you agree with my mission, help me with my poll. Thank you.

51) Thread ends at #50.

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