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4 September 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Seventeenth Analysis

4 September 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Analysis Neighborhood Leadership and Polling I always talk about talking to friends and family. I need to add a third component, neighbors. How do you stand within your neighborhood? Are you a good neighbor? Are you a leader?

2) I propose that in saving America, and in building bridges so that we can heal America, no dedication is more important than local leadership. Allow me to define my term for you. Leadership is merely seeing a good outcome, and bringing others there with you.

3) Over politics, and in a neighborhood context, here's an example. What if someone organized a victory celebration for 4 November? What if all Trump supporters pledged to attend if Biden wins, and all Biden supporters pledged to attend if Trump wins? Can you imagine it?

4) I know. The party is unlikely to be a happy event. I know. But what if only one Biden soul and one Trump soul met there, conversed, and walked away friends? That one thing, a single across the aisle friendship, is a goal worth embracing. The person who does, is a leader.

5) From our context, an applied definition of leadership is to ask our 5 questions to people in your neighborhood. Yesterday's 12 rules will soon be posted at our website, and they will help any aspiring leaders. A leader masters the art of asking questions and listening.

6) If you're interested, the first thing to do is go to our website and begin scrolling around.

7) When you do, you'll find this offering!

8) Your next step is to head over to our Facebook page, and watch our webinar, here:

9) Tomorrow, I'll guide you to another source for building your leadership capabilities. Today, I want you to imagine that your neighborhood has been waiting for a leader like you for decades. One who can boldly but respectfully begin to rebuild the ties we've lost.

10) One of the things I tell my coaching clients is this. The world is like a rock concert with the mike on, but the stage empty, waiting for someone to step up sing. What's your leadership song, friend? The world waits for leadership, and nowhere more so that in neighborhoods.

Thread ends at #10.

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