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17 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Third Analysis

We Show Our Work Here, Even When It Isn't Pretty To get started, we finally have our first two analyses up here:

2) I have to share, SILLY ME! Today is the first day I have any data at all to share, and I only now noticed that, at our On The Record pages, we ONLY ask, but do NOT display the answers. What a ridiculous oversight on my part. Never crossed my mind till just now.

3) But my knees are bouncing under my desk as I type...drum roll...I have my FIRST DATA to offer. Now, it isn't pretty. I have no charts to offer, and the data is, well, really, really thin. I won't even try to tease any information out of it. But, I'm excited anyway!

4) Let's get over the ugly part. Our new polling site has, so far, almost no access to Democrats or Left Leaning Independents. Without them, our data will always be BORING. And not meaningful. Not to worry, we'll find our way there. But, that's the ugly part. Let's dive in.

5) Anonymous Poll: 51 responses, 46 Rs, 5 Is, 100% Trump. By the way, I have yet to find a crossover of any sort. When I did my Twitter polling, a week ago, I found crossovers. We won't be a serious poll until we do. Crossovers? I'll vote for T or B, but I don't think he'll win.

6) Perhaps the most interesting data point we have collected is from our On The Record polls, and here are the Independent's numbers: 13 Responses, 100% Trump. I can't say that tells us anything more than we have access to Right Leaning Independents. But still, 100% counts.

7) I'll have to get together with my team later today to find out when we'll be able to display all the On The Record answers, so you can read their own reasoning. I have to tell you, it's amazing. People are so passionate and thoughtful. I can't wait to share it with you.

8) The worst bad news of the ugly part is at our Democrats On The Record poll. 1 Response, 100% Biden. When we get these responses up, it will be very important we listen to her reasoning. I am so grateful she shared.

9) Perhaps equally as interesting as our 13 Independents On The Record, is that our Republicans OTR have given us 1 more response than our entire Anonymous poll so far. 52 Responses, 100% Trump. I promise, I'm going to push to get these on display, fast as can be.

10) Allow me to speak to Democrats and Left Leaning Independents, now. If you check me out, you'll see instantly that I'm a Republican Analyst and Activist. I have never, and will never hide this. If that's reason enough for you to distrust me, I'll understand, Honest.

11) But, I believe in you, even if you don't believe in me. Here's what I mean. You're patriotic Americans. You do not want to cheat. You don't want a rigged system. You want to win, of course, but you want to win fair and square. You want a fair fight, a fair outcome. Right?

12) More than that, you want to know the truth. The entire polling apparatus in America betrayed you and lied to you in 2016. They told you that Hillary Clinton would win, with certainty. They were wrong. Why were they wrong? That's a question you need to ask.

13) My answer is this. Rather than true polling, they engaged in suppression polling, propaganda polling, news cycle polling. They thought that by placing thumb on scale, and lying, they could manipulate the outcome. It was a debacle in every sense.

14) You have to admit, the outcome announced at 2:30 AM EST on 9 November 2016 was a shock. And that shock was NOT something you deserved. You deserved the truth. They lied to you. I think you should be very angry about that. If I were you, I would be.

15) So, as a Trump supporter, I still ask for your trust, and I promise I will earn it. I don't expect it. I request it. I offer to earn your trust, not assume it. I will show my data transparently. I will NOT tip the scale, ever. For what it's worth, I give you my word of honor.

16) There's more, my friends across the line, I want to know your reasons. And I will NOT attempt to argue, disprove, disrespect, or convince you of anything. I want to know what you believe, and why. I am honestly curious, and passionately moved by your patriotism.

17) On the other hand, I will boldly ask that you listen to my friends and compatriots, as they express what they feel and believe, passionately, furiously, honestly, and deeply from within their souls. We are just patriotic Americans as you are. We are not dumb.

18) And that is what my very first, tiny sampling of data shows. Our side believes in our leader. We follow him with joy, and pride. We will not be silenced. But, if we learn how to behave well, we do NOT want you to be silenced either. We truly want to hear your voice.

19) Allow me to raise the stakes, higher. Let us imagine that your man Biden wins. What you want, then, is that we, on our side, believe it was a fair fight, a fair victory, and that you will respect us as the loyal opposition. That is what you want. I say, let us make it so.

20) I claim there is a genius captured within my 5 neutral questions. They are more than just a poll. They are a mode of communication. Follow me out. Poll your friends. That's right. Ask them my 5 questions. After each, add the one word question, "Why?"

21) I am serious when I tell you, I want YOU to be a pollster too. I want you to poll all those you know, and discover where they stand, and why they stand there. And please hear me in this simple prohibition: Do NOT argue, persuade, disprove, or convince. Just listen.

22) I have many critiques against the polling industry. It is a priesthood of scientists, but forgive me, often merely quasi-scientists, or worse, charlatans, propagandists, operatives disguised as professional seekers after truth. I am not shy. They embody dishonor, dishonesty.

23) And mind, please, when I say pollster, I mean it. Take your numbers. Tally them up. Analyze your data. I hope to help you. And, I assure you, my 5 questions will withstand the fiercest testing you can give them. They will work no matter where your respondent stands.

24) Most of all, reach across the line. Today's America has been viciously divided. It is time for us to come back together. There is lie we have fallen prey to. The lie is that friends agree. What malarkey. Friends agree to disagree, agreeably. Let that be our motto.

25) Check it out. My polling site wants to know where you stand. Anonymously, absolutely. On The Record, boldly. And we will listen, And report our results, no matter how weak or ugly, faithfully. You have my word.

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