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15 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Second Analysis

The Lay of the Land: Mapping Political America While I made my formal call on 15 October 2016, this was the last image I published. Even on 8 November, no one seemed to know who would win. I did.

2) That is a very big claim. Knowing the winner on 8 November, through the data and the analysis, really did mean something. What did it mean? Allow me just one example. Through the night, I was on the phone with @GenFlynn 4 times, ending at 2:30 AM.

3) Here is what @GenFlynn had to say on that count: "Having received every one of Pat’s analyses throughout the Trump campaign, I can attest to their tremendous value.

4) "At the core of his work, Pat created a new form of political data graphing which everyone – myself included – appreciated and found incredibly beneficial.

5) "The numerous insights he generated always made extraordinary sense and helped us improve on our strengths and shore up our weaknesses.

6) "Pat’s keen analysis throughout the entire campaign, right up to election day itself, was not only extremely useful but relevant to our team’s decision making process.

7) "Not only was his analysis spot on accurate for months straight, it gave us moral support and encouragement during many a tough moment when we truly needed it. He has an incredibly rare ability.

8) "As a consumer of analyses during my over 33 year intelligence career, I had never seen anything like his exceptional accuracy over such an extended period of time.

9) "We won in a decisive way and there’s no question that Pat’s work helped us all during this very hard fought campaign to win back America's very heart and soul. While Pat is clearly a brilliant analyst, he is also a true American Patriot!" Michael T. Flynn

10) In these 4 years since that work was completed, I have had to face the reality of America's political leaning in way I could not have imagined back then. And, to the goal of knowing the truth, I've created this website:

11) If you check us out, you'll see that our analysis is built upon the input - the data - from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. I do hope you'll go there, and take the poll, anonymously, or on the record, or both. We're hell bent on finding the truth.

12) More than that, believe it or not, we're also 100% mission targeted at building an honest, open, respectful conversation between the opposing sides in American politics. We have not mapped all that out at our site yet, but we will. I promise.

13) For all our still tiny numbers of responses, I have been able to ascertain a grand, strategic map, that I never understood before. We will turn to that right now. The Map of America's politics holds 7 distinct elements. Imagine that!

14) Allow me to explain. A map must include both that which is described, and that which is not. There is a boundary on what a map conveys. Here there be land. Thar there be monsters. A map shows what we know, and what we do not. It has boundaries.

15) In the following map, there will be 2 extremes, the lands of which we will not go. They are the boundaries. Inside, there will be 5 domains, each of which matters. Here they are...

16) The American Political Map 1) Extreme Individualists 2) Republicans 3) Center Right Independents 4) True Centralist Independents 5) Center Left Independents 6) Democrats 7) Extreme Collectivists

17) Let's first consider the Independents, numbers 3, 4, and 5. Conventional wisdom today is that they will throw the election one way or the other. Conventional wisdom may well be right. It may be the Independents who determine the 2020 outcome.

18) So, let's walk them through. Center Right Independents, of which I am a member, lean Republican but do NOT love the Republican Party. We just can't join it, but we end up voting Republican, often holding our collective noses when we do.

19) True Centrist Independents have an interesting belief. And, they may be the MOST patriotic of all. They believe when things go too individualist, a correction needed to on behalf of the community. When things go too collectivist, a correction for individuals is needed.

20) Center Left Independents always lean toward the Democrats, but for some reason cannot embrace the Party, itself. My suspicion is that Capitalism is the problem. That is, Center Left Independents are NOT socialists. They still support free market capitalism.

21) The Democrat Party has embraced collectivism. It has embraced the power of society as opposed to the power of the individual. No, Democrats do NOT claim it quite that way, and as I learn more, perhaps I'll better understand their position.

22) But there can be no doubt, at least from the perspective of the Uber Democrats, the Party's leadership, that the Communist Manifesto is their guide. The Green New Deal? It is nothing other than Manifest Communism. Which brings us up to the Land of #7, Extreme Collectivists.

23) Extreme Collectivists do exist. And, they believe that it takes a community to raise a child. Their greatest enemy is the family, a nuclear unit that actually can raise children all on its own. They believe that the social entity precedes and dominates over the individual.

24) It's time to establish, clearly and without doubt, that Marxism drives the leadership of the Democrat Party. It is also time to establish, the Rank and File Democrats are Patriots, and are NOT Marxists, they are NOT Communists. Thus, there is a great split in their Party.

25) At #BetweenTheLines, it is numbers 2 - 6 we serve. This is critical to our map of American Politics. We do NOT serve anarchists, pure individualists, out to bring down our government. We do NOT serve communists, out to bring down our government. We don't serve groups 1 or 7.

26) Reducing groups 3, 4, and 5 into just the category of Independents, we seek to discover the mix, the weighting if you follow. Center Left, True Centrist, Center Right...which way will the Independents fall in 2020? That's a question worth answering!

27) Turning to my initial data within this map, Republicans are both two things. Of course they're my followers, so I have far greater reach amongst them. But, letting go of that, they are also louder, readier to dive in, roll up sleeves, and get the political job done.

28) To my Democrat friends, I mean no insult or disrespect. Rather, I offer a warning. The tiny amount of data I have initially procured says that Rs are louder than Ds. I know, I have my own bias. But still, I beg, Democrats...speak up! Be bold and aggressive. Make your case.

29) My five questions are neutral. They do NOT tilt the answers. Embrace them! 1) Will you vote? 2) Who for? 3) Who should win? 4) Who will win? 5) How do you identify: D, I, or R?

30) Here again is my new website. Please forward it by email, and the five questions above, to your friends. Check out the options and functions of the site. And join me, please, in discovering America's truth.

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