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12 August 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Tenth Analysis

12 August 2020 #BetweenTheLinesDotVote Our Greatest Hurdle So Far...OVERCOME! If you haven't been to our site yet, that's the first thing to do. Head over there right now!

2) An endeavor such as ours faces an unknowable number of hurdles when getting started. The one that was our greatest was what is called: Sampling Bias Our initial poll takers were, essentially, my followers. And, as I am a diehard Trump see the problem, yes?

3) So as you'd expect, the vast, vast majority of our initial poll takers have been Trump supporters. One time only, so far, I employed our data in the attempt to tease out some information, and attempted to cover for the sampling bias. I wasn't unhappy, but couldn't repeat that!

4) I've worked hard to build an outreach, from my followers to their Democratic friends and family. I suspect this work a little, but its results were nowhere nearly sufficient. On a merely anecdotal basis, though, Democrats shown our site like it. That matters.

5) But on only our 3rd day in execution, our team's new outreach strategy is succeeding! How so? Over the 3 days over this week so far, our numbers have actually inverted. We are now getting more Biden supporters than Trump supporters voting. I am THRILLED!

6) I can't share what the strategy is, as it is now part of the proprietary method that we're building and protecting as intellectual property. But I can tell you that the key is intention leading action. Our mission was to get Democratic voters, and we wouldn't stop till we did.

7) To be completely frank, I was beginning to worry. If we did not solve the sampling bias problem, we would not succeed as an endeavor. With that resolved, we can now clearly see what our next hurdles are, and I can share the most important one in front of us now.

8) It is volume and growth. At our poll, we joyfully encourage return voters. We limit poll taking to once per day, but are thrilled to have people return whenever they wish otherwise. I've been asked, why would you want that?

9) The answer is, changes in position. We don't approach a set of polled answers as static, but rather as dynamic, changing. Monitoring those changes in position sensitively will be one of our poll's greatest strengths. Repeat poll takers offer us that window of observation.

10) What they don't provide though, is sufficient volume and growth. For that, you have to attract new poll takers, and we know exactly how many we need. 220 New, Unique Polls Taken Daily There's a very simple reason for that goal. It mounts up to 1,500 per week.

11) Why 1,500? I learned that 1,500 Likely Voters is the gold standard in 2016. I believe our new standard, Pledged Voters, will increase our quality. But, at quantity, matching that 1,500 standard each week will very literally qualify our poll as nationally significant.

12) If we succeed in attaining and sustaining that goal, with 1,500 or more new voters polled each week, you see our numbers will rapidly surpass those of any other poll out there. But let's not forget sampling bias risk. What we hope for is 70 - 75 each of Ds, Is, and Rs, daily.

13) If you're willing to help us, filling out our poll is the first and most important thing. Second, just one more step, please introduce our poll to a friend. Those two things have phenomenal impact. Here's the direct link to the poll:

14) I have to say a great big thank you to all of you who have already participated, and shared our poll. We haven't attained cruising speed or altitude yet, but we have cleared the runway, and that's not nothing! Thank you!!!

Thread ends at #14.

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