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25 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Protesting Censorship This past week, I posted a 5-question poll here at Twitter, and was looking forward to analyzing its results. There is some important information that was gleaned, until...

2) Until Twitter decided to delete the first question of the poll. The remaining four questions are still, for now, up, and I'll give you that link below. Here, guess what! I was able to find and save an image of the deleted poll question. This is it.

3) I imagine that posting the image above, I raise the odds that Twitter will suspend my account, and I am going to discuss that here. I have screen shots of all 5 questions now, so I no longer fear losing them. Here's the live link to the rest of them:

4) I have decided to run the same 5 questions tomorrow, maybe just a bit spruced up to included some suggestions that came in. Then, we'll see what Twitter does, assuming I still have this account by then. I will analyze both polls, then, Monday with same assumption of course.

5) Over the years here at Twitter, there's been much debate about it being a private company and allowed, thereby, to make its own policies and that we users may freely leave and are under no obligation to employ this service. Free company, it's got its own rules, we're told.

6) I have always disagreed about this. What we've learned is that by editing and selecting what we're allowed to say here, or who is allowed to be here, Twitter places itself into the polisition of being a publisher, not a service provider, and that has huge ramifications. 7) The model I prefer, and which you've likely heard of, is the utilities company approach. No electric company can refuse service for any reason other than non-payment. Utilities are not allowed to select their users. They provide a public service, publicly.

8) Closer to the mark is a telephone company, or even Apple or Samsung in the cell phone market. What if they stopped serving you because of what you said when speaking over the phone? The difference, we're told, is that phone calls are one-on-one, but this is laughable.

9) A speaker may broadcast your conversation, so the one-on-one argument holds no water. Perhaps a better argument is that phones go cross-platform. An iPhone can call any phone number, and if you're going visual, Zoom is a completely different platform.

10) But let's let go of the technical mumbo jumbo, and cut to the heart of the matter. Since February 2018, Twitter has been the main medium of voice I invest into. And, what's more, if this account is suspended, I will move to a different account. I already have it.

11) For other reasons, I won't be able to make that move for another couple of weeks, so I hope I have that long here. If I'm able to accelerate that timeline, I'll let you know. Now we need to go deeper.

12) These great United States of America were founded upon a set of perfectly delineated principles, the first of which was freedom of speech. This means so much more than merely that you get to say what you want. It means that you exists as a personal, sovereign entity.

13) If you face a king, he may say to you, "One more word and I'll have your head for it." A king may stopper your voice. He may destroy your very person whenever he does not like what you have to say. If you look back in history, many prophets died for just this cause.

14) It may well be that the court jester was the very first person to enjoy free speech. He was allowed to poke fun at the king, when no one else could. A fact that most don't know is that jesters were almost always the greatest swordsmen in the land. They had to be.

15) Not only did jesters teach the king's guard their fighting tactics, they often sparred with and taught the king himself his sword fighting skills. Why? Because when poking fun at the king, he often got very angry. All the king's guards needed to fear the jester.

16) That is precisely why the 2nd Amendment follows the 1st. If someone comes to stop up your voice, you must be able to defend yourself. Thus, the right to own and bear arms. Your voice is your person. An attack against it, is an attack against you.

17) What I suffered here at Twitter last week, the very first time in over 2 years of continuous activity here, was simply the destruction of a polling question. Just one. That one is more than just one too many. It symbolizes their destruction of my voice, and thereby, of me.

18) Go big picture now. Let's first defund - to whatever degree we do - the police, and then, let's abolish them. What does this mean? You are no longer safe in your home, or in your neighborhood. Thugs can come and kill you, steal from you, execute your children at will.

19) What this means is that you become indentured to the strongest bad guy who shows up. If you wish to live, or to hold onto your possessions, you'll have to pay him protection money. You will no longer have rights. You will be demoted from sovereignty over yourself.

20) This is very personal for me. I received my name Pasquale from my grandfather. He left Calabria because he enjoyed no sovereignty there, over his own life and work. He always said, "I came to America to work." Work was his right to life itself.

21) My grandfather hated, with a white hot, furious, passionate hatred, the great three powers of Italy. The Church. The Aristocracy. The Mafia. From 1920 when he arrived, to 1982 when he died, he never set foot in a Catholic Church for that reason.

22) He knew that the work of his hands was his actual voice as a man, sovereign over himself, beholden to none. He is my inspiration every day. I work to live up to his values, courage, capability, and genius. And knowing him as I did, do, he'd never let Twitter have this power.

23) In the image above, you see the love, joy, and pure goodness of his soul. What you don't see is his rage, force, and personal power. He faced down gangs of 20 or more union men when they threatened him over working too hard on the railroad. He never flinched.

24) For 41 years, without ever missing a day, or ever taking a vacation, he rose to the highest position a non-university educated man could. He was an engine washer. Never heard of that? He ran the roundhouse, and took the engines to his station, and cleaned them.

25) Cleaned? He took every single part out, cleaned it, put the entire engine back together, and it ran perfectly for months or years after. When he died, it took six men to replace him. He was the last of his kind. He was the ultimate craftsman. His hands spoke.

26) My grandfather would scoff at Twitter. Not because of social media. He'd understand the power of voice. No. That it would delete a single posting. He would know he was facing the Mafia, the Aristocracy, and the corrupted Church all over again. He would know, instantly.

27) I can hear him now, speaking. He would say to me, Pasquale, you must speak. Never allow anyone the right to silence you. You are a man. Be a man. Speak. It is your calling to speak. It is your art, your craft, your work. Speak. Allow no one to silence you, not a single word.

28) Here at Twitter, I have a teacher. Her name is @TamaraLeigh_llc. It took Tamara years to build an account of 75,000 followers. I don't know how she got through Twitter wiping that account out, but she did. She refused to leave, to allow her silencing.

29) Let's talk economics. With every tweet that Tamara creates - I call them magic tweets - she raises the value of Twitter, itself. It is her work that makes Twitter so valuable. Yet, they scorn her. They silence her. As my grandfather would, I too rage over this.

30) Rage, rage against the night, against the dying of the light. The light of America is dimming, friends. For me, a single poll question. For Tamara, 75,000 followers. Her voice is shut. The light of free speech is lost. Our sovereignty over our own persons is cut down.

31) Yes, friends, I rage. I burn within my soul. I was at first sad, believe it or not. I was. That didn't last long. I then got mad, and mad I remain. I see more. Someone made a decision. They decided to silence Tamara. Someone decided to delete my poll questions. Why?

32) We face evil in high places. We face their dark purposes, right here at Twitter. They reveal themselves by their choices and actions. And that is why I choose to stay right here and fight.

33) We must plunge deeper still. Personally - and not yet having data upon which to base it - my call is that Trump wins his second term. Even then, it will only be 4 years. What happens in 2024 and beyond? Or, I'm wrong, and he loses. What then?

34) I can tell you one thing. We must dust off our old copies of the Federalist Papers. We must return to the Constitution itself and write its words upon our hearts, teach its principles to our children and grandchildren. We must keep the Dream of America alive.

35) In closing, allow me this simple poll. Do you know the meaning of the 1st 10 Amendments of the Constitution?

Thread ends at #35.

24 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Analysis Social Media and Political Polling If you follow me here at Twitter, you know I am a Trump supporter, and also that I care about civil discourse, a meeting of the minds. The website below is built on that passion:

2) On that note, I humbly request that you sign up at my new website by email. Here's why. It is very likely that Twitter will soon suspend my account, precisely as it has to so many other conservative voices. Twitter decided, yesterday, to delete one of my polls. My 3rd poll.

3) I have a theory. My poll pointed toward answers, toward how to reunite our nation's political civil discourse. My theory is that Twitter is, itself, opposed to this goal. My theory is that Twitter is fueling, fomenting civil discord; NOT promoting civil discourse.

4) One of my friends, when I shared my sadness over the destruction of my poll, told me, "You've entered the big leagues now." That comforted me. But it saddened me also. In today's political world, censorship appears to be the badge of honor of the big leagues.

5) What I've decided to do is this. Either Saturday or Sunday morning, if Twitter has not yet suspended this account, I will post the same poll again, and wait, and watch to see if Twitter deletes it a second time. I'll wait and see.

6) If it allows my poll to complete its truth search, then I'll post an analysis of the results. But, if it deletes the poll a second time, then I will know that my time here at Twitter is coming to an end.

7) Let's turn to the subtext now. I do not yet have the data to show what I believe to be true. My current, not-data-driven belief is this. Biden's support is weaker even than was HRC's. Today's polling is far worse than it was in 2016. Polls are being used for mere propaganda.

8) To all my Biden-supporting friends, please hear me. I take NO joy in challenging the veracity of Biden-winning polls. If they were simply true, I would celebrate them. I need no agreement from the data. Rather, I need the data to point me toward the truth.

9) By deleting my poll Twitter has put us on notice. Our search for truth is against their policy. That one data point, their deletion of my poll's first tweet, alerts us all to their opposition to the truth. It is more important than I can express to note this, to understand it.

10) Follow the simple history. There were only 3 polls that predicted Trump's victory in 2016. It matters not if you support or oppose Trump. You need to face the fact that polls have been - yes - weaponized. They don't seek truth. Rather, they promulgate propaganda.

11) I have pledged myself to polling truth. If honest data leads me to see that Biden will win, it will be on me to call his victory before it occurs. That is the entire purpose of polling. It is to accurately call victors. It is to measure support, measure resistance. To call.

12) Following measurement, activism kicks in. I am a registered Independent, simply due to the fact that I more often oppose the Republican Party than support it. But, I am right leaning. That means I support Republican contenders.

13) As a fledgling pollster, I am more than merely allowed my personal leaning. I am absolutely mandated, by ethics, to announce my leaning so that others may attack my methods of collecting the data. The term is: selection bias. I disavow it, but acknowledge it, also.

14) Stay with me. Disavow, but acknowledge. That is a complex thing. I acknowledge that my vulnerability as a pollster is my own personal leaning. I disavow my own personal leaning, when it comes to the data. I always request to chance to win, to earn trust.

15) As an ardent opponent to Biden's election, I am on double-watch to see if the data support his ascendence. As an ardent Trump supporter, I am on double-watch to see if the data resist his reelection. More than politics, truth is my mistress, my goddess.

16) Anyone who has followed my work here at Twitter knows that all the above is 100% true. I seek NOT to influence the data. I seek to know it, and its signification. In this, I purport I am far from alone. I have not met one person yet who wishes otherwise. We seek truth.

17) No, I have no plans to go to Parler. I've considered it. I've rejected it. Should I lose this account, I will grieve it, yet let it go. Should Twitter's agenda be to suppress the truth, then I will face and accept that fact, and then, decide what to do about it.

18) If you follow my professional life, I am The Consigliori. I am a follower of the great, fictional Don Corleone. In studying Mario Puzo's musings, we learn that the Don only asks a favor once. If he is refused, he never asks again. That is my emotion towards Twitter.

19) Twitter disavowed all rights to the pursuit of truth. My poll was honest. It was not obstructive, nor disrespectful in any way. Yet, Twitter chose to delete my poll. I have now marked this. If this occurs a second time, as I fear it will, I will disavow Twitter.

20) Social media is NOT the answer to America's political, civil discourse. We have failed to offer respect to those with whom we disagree. The answer exists elsewhere. It exists between two friends, and most especially, two friends who disagree. Two who disagree, agreeably.

21) It is critical to distinguish between one-on-one conversation, and one-on-more-than-one. In group discourse, the most strident wins. Everyone else is terrorized. So, no one speaks due to risk of being singled out. Singled out? What an important term.

22) In today's world, to be singled out is to face being fired at work, and thereby, failing to support one's family. How serious is that? In yesterday's world it was even worse. The reality then was called being ostracized. This is nothing other than to be executed, slowly.

23) Being ostracized is the ultimate sanction in human society. The reality of its practice was that everyone in the tribe would look straight at you, but not see you. In this, you knew you were excluded, utterly. You would not share in the next hunt or harvest's bounty.

24) This is no mere intellectual excursion. Paul Manafort's solitary confinement will most likely be his execution. It is today's form of ostracization. By pardoning Stone, Trump saved him from precisely such execution at law.

25) Although I have long known of these anthropological factors, Twitter deleting my poll's first tweet was the first time in adult life that I faced it directly, institutionally. Note this. Twitter ostracizes, and knows that it does. That, my friends, is Twitter's evil power.

26) Many of my friends guide me to Parler, as a "back up." For many reasons, I reject this option. At Parler, our tribe is Conservatives. I seek NOT to be a member of that tribe. I seek only to be a member of the Tribe of Americans. Conservatism is not my home.

27) Jonah Goldberg is my example. He's a flawless conservative. I reject almost everything he says when on FOX News being interviewed. How do you NOT call him a conservative? I say there's no way to do that. He represents it, perfectly.

28) No, I'm just an American. I am neither Conservative nor Liberal. I am merely patriotic. I worship on the altars of our Declaration and our Constitution. And all I do here in social media, is seek the truth.

29) So, I say to you this. If social media falls to mere partisanship, then let us build another media, together. Or, if we can survive here at Twitter, then let us stay here. That much is up to Twitter.

30) I will poll here at Twitter one more time. If it again deletes my poll, I will build a new strategy. If not, then I'll continue. But, never again with the same Pollyanna naivete. I have been warned. Warned, I now am.

Thread ends at #30. On the chance my account will be suspended, please go here first, and sign up by email:

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

21 July 2020 #BetweenTheLines Collecting Data and Learning the JOY of Truly Listening There is tremendous power for good in just these 5 questions. 1) Will you vote? 2) Who for? 3) Who should win? 4) Who will win? 5) How do you identify: D, I, or R?

2) I have already started with both business colleagues and family members, and I can't tell you the shocked amazement they have shown me. They all know where I stand, and are all afraid to talk to me about politics, well, those who disagree with me fear it.

3) While we're working on our website every day, even in just its current state, the site helps transform fear into fun, and wides eyes, and more. If you haven't been there yet, do check it out!

4) Once you're there - or when you bring your disagreeing family members and friends there - its important to go into FAST action! All you do is click here for the Anonymous Poll, and the questions and easy answers pop right up.

5) You can be very gentle, the more so, the better. Please do NOT tell them to answer the poll. Just offer it, letting them know you're own interest if they're willing to discuss it. And of course, if they wish to answer the poll questions, that would be great too. That's data.

6) One thing we do not have, yet, is the method of transparently reporting the data we've started to collect. That's in the works, I promise. But, just a quick glance through the simple form indicates exactly what our objective is, and people find it interesting.

7) If you've been following here at Twitter, then you already know that our great challenge is reaching across the line so that Democrats will start speaking to us. What I've found is that a single phone call, often with a text message first, begins the conversation.

8) So far, I have not succeeded in collecting much data from these calls, or inspired many to answer the poll questions online. But, each call has been an absolute blast for me. Yes, they're tentative calls, as there is almost no trust on this topic.

9) I suspect I'm going to have many such conversations in coming days and weeks, and it's important to keep they light and short. I am challenging an area of such vast antagonism that my ability to simply listen and not challenge is quite surprising to them.

10) Once I have them at the site, and explain what I hope to learn from them, maybe about a 5 minute call so far, I offer to let them think about all this further, and hope we may speak on topic again. Every time so far they have said, that's it? You're not going to preach at me?

11) I laugh and say, no, I'm not, believe it or not. The only thing I'm interested is in learning where you stand, and most especially, if we can get there, I hope to learn your real reasons why. A short silence follows, and I say, hey, mind if I call again next week?

12) The responses have been mixed. That is, one short conversation does not a bridge of trust build. But in every case I have been thanked, and while we utterly disagree about polities, we completely agree about the truth, the search for it, and in mutual respect.

13) I've had a couple of my most liberal granddaughters say to me, Papa, I didn't know you could listen like that. I confess, there is some sadness in my heart that I have allowed such division within our own family, but I am 100% dedicated to building that bridge.

14) In a couple of conversations we actually got all the way to the first - still light and short, mind you - chance to ask the question: Why? Still tentative, I say it like this, I don't know if you're ready to talk about this yet but I'd sure love to know why you feel that way.

15) Once even slightly engaged, the answers kind of flooded out, but were not satisfying to the person sharing. They'd say something, yeah, well, those are my reasons, right now, but I really do need to think about this more. Thanks for asking.

Thread ends at #15. Please do consider finding someone you know and love, and working through the questions with NO ARGUING ALLOWED!

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